079: How to Lead Your Pageant Interview
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As a teen and young adult we are surrounded by people telling us what to do, setting boundaries, creating standards and delivering prompts we respond to. Our teachers lead us in school, our parents lead us at home, there's an RA with rules for the dorms, Coach who sets up the drills for practice and the Pageant Director that tells us where to be and when all week. It's no surprise then that when you walk into your interview, you're expecting the judges to lead you through that process. Please don't. This is where it all goes wrong. The judges are not the leaders of the interview room. They are looking for the leader and if you expect them to lead you will not be seen as their leader, but rather just another sheep in the herd. In this episode, I'm going to teach you 2 qualities of leadership that you can employ in your interview room to maintain control and lead your interview. Join us for the Live Master Class On October 29, 2016: https://interview.winapageant.com For details from this episode and more resources visit: http://WinAPageant.com Email the host at Alycia@WinAPageant.com



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