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Today you are done focusing on the past

Today you are done thinking about it

Today you are done with the guilt the Shame, the condemnation…

Today you are done with that’s hurt that has created that resentment or anger…

Today you are done with the unforgiveness…

Today is your day to FREE YOURSELF!

That past that has imprisoned you…

That baggage of the past you’ve been carrying…

Those chains of the past that have been restricting you…

That weight you’ve been carrying…

Powerful question: What is holding me back 

Today is your day to FREE YOURSELF:

1. Forgive Yourself- forgive yourself from past Mistakes and failures

2. Forgive Others- forgive others that may have hurt you

Why? Because the calling on your life is for you to be your best.

Once you can let go of the past and move on then you can create something incredible today in the present and in the future.

It just takes a little courage, confidence in your self worth … that you deserve this and a lot of effort.

From Focusing on the past so many times we find ourselves stuck on something that we can’t control.

You win when you forgive… I didn’t say forget…

Forgiving is a choice!

Forgetting takes effort… 

When it wants to come up and remind you of the past… you have to choose to give it a new meaning!!

The meaning you give it! change the context and setting when you think about the past. 

Don’t look at your past as some kind of tragedy… 

I thankful because it made me who Iam today.


You win and you learn! Take away only the positive lessons from the experience 

And choose to let go of the pain, hurt disappointment and blame. Those feelings aren’t helpful to you winning or anyone winning — they just make you suffer, and hold you back from who you were called to be!

Set yourself free.

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