Episode 70: WIN ALL DAY w/Alex Charfen
Play • 54 min
INSTAGRAM COPY: WIN ALL DAY PODCAST - Episode 70 baby! . The latest WIN ALL DAY episode is live baby! And it is straight  . The Creator of "The Billionaire Code”, himself! The Founder and CEO of The Charfen Institute and The Momentum Podcast!! @AlexCharfen . Alex is a true Entrepreneur that started his first company as a teannager. He has now built and sold companies and is on a mission to serve entrepreneurs. Charfen and his team help visionary entrepreneurs who can't turn it off.  They help them by giving them the tools they need to change the world. That way, they can work in their strengths, and build world-changing empires.  . We connected at at @clickfunnels event at a critical moment in my own life and now Alex has become a mentor and a friend. . Alex is THE BEST at what he does and you will learn more about that in this episode BUT the thing I love most about him is his heart for people. He genuinely wants to help and see the Entrepreneur WIN and he practices what he preaches as an Entrepreneur. . Here are just a few of the life changing things you will discover in this episode with the one and only, Alex Charfen.   1️⃣ COMPASSION AND EMPATHY - What it means to see the world from other people's perspectives and how you can grow an amazing business by convincing amazing people to go with you. . 2️⃣ VULNERABILITY - Alex discusses how one of the hardest things for an Entrepreneur is to ask for help and be real about what we need help with in business and how asking for help in his personal life changed everything for him. . 3️⃣ MOMENTUM - Every Entrepreneur lives for the state of momentum, moving forward and to make things happen. You will discover how to evolve humanity, create and change the world. . 4️⃣ BUILD A TEAM - How to build a team. Alex shares how he was scared to lead a team early in his career and how it felt like a prize fight. Now he shares why hiding nothing from your team could be the key ingredient in creating a winning team. . 5️⃣ LOWER THE PRESSURE AND NOISE IN YOUR LIFE - Alex shares how he asked for help and got trauma therapy, EMDR. You will discover how to lower the noise in your life so everything can get easier and you will get into momentum.   6. CLIENT CENTRIC MISSION - This one takeaway could be the difference in your business. His system to bring clarity to who you are and what you do. You will even hear His company's Client Centric Mission. . And that's just a few of the amazing wisdom bombs that Alex dropped during this episode. . If you want to WIN in business and in LIFE this episode is for you! . Get Alex FREE book so that you can get into MOMENTUM... . www.FREEMOMENTUMBOOK.com . Who loves ya?! I do! #winallday #coachjc #motivation #Entrepreneur #business #charfen #billionairecode


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