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**This ONE WINNING Word Of The Day can change your life**   Your life! My life! Our lives are made up of STORIES! . The good, the bad... . The circumstances that happen around us... . What we are exposed to... . What we are told... . STORIES! . We as human beings create stories around all of these events from a young age. . These stories create images in our mind and shape our belief systems. . What we believe leads to our actions. . Our actions over time create habits and these habits create the reality of our lives. . Fear - is a story! Faith - is a story! . And it’s THE STORY that YOU CHOOSE for it to be! . I help people create the life they were born to live! . How? . By creating NEW STORIES for their life! . *CREATE NEW STORIES FOR YOUR LIFE* . 1. What’s your life look like RIGHT NOW?! (Ask yourself this question and be honest. In every of life) 2. Rewind. Look at the stories you created around these areas of life. 3. Ask yourself, “What evidence do I  have that supports these stories being 100% true?! 4. What might be possible if I gave this a new FAITH story!???? . In YOUR MISSION (business, career)⁉️ . In Your Body (health and wellness)⁉️ . Financially⁉️ . In Your Relationships⁉️ . Impact (contribution)⁉️ . Create your new reality by creating NEW STORIES for your life! . New stories of what things mean, who you are, what you are capable of... . These stories will create new images in your mind! . NEW STORY - NEW BELIEF - NEW ACTION - NEW REALITY! . Your Body Will Respond To The Image You Choose To Create In Your Mind! . Who loves ya?! I do! . WIN ALL DAY! #faith #win #winallday #lifecoach #motivation #motivationalspeaker 
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