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BREAK or BREAKTHROUGH!?! . Life will knock you down. You will face tough times… times of worry, doubt, fear, anxiety, etc… . You will face times of adversity and obstacles…times that want to break you! . With every obstacle of life there is an equal or greater opportunity. . What you look for is what you will find. . During these times you have to DECIDE… Break or BREAKTHROUGH?! . Your toughest times… your most painful times… those break times could be a defining moment for your life, your business, your mission, your calling… and why many panic and pull back and break you can flip it and look back as it being a WIN that propelled your life and calling to the next level. . How do I know? Because the times in my own life that were tough, that would’ve broke most people and would’ve broke me, I chose to create a BREAKTHROUGH with. . I flipped it! Flipped what looked like a lose into a WIN. . Took what was meant to break me and created a BREAKTHROUGH! . How? Here Are My 3 M’s To Turn Your Break Into a Breakthrough!   MINDSET Every action originates with a thought. What are you allowing to consume your headspace? Is it worry, doubt, fear, etc…? To win you must flip it! Train your mind just like you train your body. Starting today to watch, listen, read and speak only faith, belief, hope and positivity.  . MEANING The meaning of anything in life ONLY has the meaning you choose to give it. It’s all about perspective and starting today it’s time to give this situation a new meaning. Make what is inside you bigger than what’s outside of you by shifting your perspective. This is not a permanent situation, it is only temporary and it shall pass. What you look for is what you will find! So starting today, here is the new meaning for you and your business, “This break will become my BREAKTHROUGH!”  .   MOMENTUM Don’t lose momentum baby! During times of break people pull back and retreat. Many start to base decisions off of emotions and because of this they lose the momentum. Stay consistent in executing daily habits and rituals to create new traction and momentum in your life.  . Commit to create a BREAKTHROUGH during the times of break! You were born to WIN! #winallday 
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