How to Handle Holiday Tradition After a Death
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By far one of the hardest outcomes to accept about the holidays after the death of a loved one is that tradition needs to be changed or skipped. Traditions your loved one used to be involved with have to change and even those they weren’t a part of may seem entirely too difficult to manage. The worst thing you can do is set your holidays on autopilot and hope things work themselves out. Not only does this put you at risk of being majorly blindsided by your grief, but it also takes away from your traditions. In this episode of the What's Your Grief Podcast we discuss how to handle holiday tradition after the death of a loved one.

The Kitchen Sisters Present
The Kitchen Sisters Present
The Kitchen Sisters & Radiotopia
153 — The Vietnam Tapes of Lance Corporal Michael A. Baronowski
In 1966, a young Marine took a reel-to-reel tape recorder with him into the Vietnam War. For two months, Michael A. Baronowski made tapes of his life and his friends, in foxholes, in combat and sent those audio letters home to his family in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Then he was killed in action. Thirty-four years later, Baronowski’s friend Tim Duffie, shared these tapes which were used to produce this story as part of the NPR series, “Lost & Found Sound,” created by Jay Allison and The Kitchen Sisters. This episode also features Jay Allison and The Kitchen Sisters talking about the creation of the Peabody Award winning series Lost & Found Sound and about the production of Baronowski’s story produced by Tina Egloff and Jay Allison. The piece won the first Gold Award at the Third Coast Audio Festival and was one of the most responded to stories ever to air on NPR’s All Things Considered. “The Vietnam Tapes of Lance Corporal Michael A. Baronowski includes live field recordings from the war that are incredibly honest, genuine, unrehearsed, visceral, funny, devastating…. In short, they’re remarkable.” The Kitchen Sisters Present is a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX. Please write us a review on Apple Podcasts — it helps people discover our show. Keep in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Sign up for Notes from The Kitchen Sisterhood. This episode was sponsored by: Sakara — Get 25% off your entire order with code: KITCHENSISTERSEARLYACCESS Artifact — Get $40 off on the creation of your first personal podcast using code: SISTERS
27 min
Let's Talk About Sects
Let's Talk About Sects
Sarah Steel
The Welcomed Consensus + OneTaste – Part 1
Natasha Tiku wrote for Gawker in 2013, “Everyone is interested in doing fun things with their bodies. But the impulse to systematize, replicate, package, sell, and build an ideology around it is uniquely Silicon Valley.” She was writing about an organisation that was monetising the female orgasm. And they weren’t the only ones doing so.   Guests: Christine Talbott Acosta, Ruwan Meepagala, Sasha Nelson   Full research sources listed on each episode page at You can support the creation of this independent podcast at   With thanks to Audio-Technica, presenting partner for season 4 of Let's Talk About Sects.   If you have been personally affected by involvement in a cult, or would like to support those who have been, you can find support or donate to Cult Information and Family Support if you’re in Australia (via, and you can find resources outside of Australia with the International Cultic Studies Association (via   If you or someone you know is in crisis or needs support right now, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 in Australia, or find your local crisis centre via the International Association for Suicide Prevention website at For sexual assault resources in Australia, visit, and in the USA, visit   Credits: Written and hosted by Sarah Steel Music by Joe Gould Engineered by Andrei Patrushev Edited by Corey Green of Transducer Audio   Links: * The Pleasure Principle — by Patricia Leigh Brown and Carol Pogash, New York Times, 13 March 2009 * Lafayette Morehouse — official website, accessed October 2020 * Lafayette Morehouse, Inc. v. The Chronicle Publishing Co., No. A067522. — 37 Cal. App. 4th 855, 44 Cal. Rptr. 2d 46, California Court of Appeal, First District, Division 5, 9 August 1995 * Sgt. Bilko Meets The New Culture — by Robin Green, Rolling Stone, 9 December 1971 * Inside The Purple People House, The Freaky, Stand-Offish Sex Cult In Northern California — by Anna Lindwasser, Ranker, 7 November 2018 *
1 hr 28 min
It's All Bad
It's All Bad
It's All Bad
A Moving Riot with Horace Martin
Episode 67. Horace Martin did not conform. Did not have a formal education. He's been a bricklayer, a sailor, a boxer, an actor, a felon, a regular at boys' homes, detention centers, lunatic asylums, and prisons. A very exciting life and also very painful. Sober 32 years. Born in Ireland, moved to England, and made his way to the states. Today he is a poet and an author.  You can get his book on Amazon or where ever you get your books: Watch the Episode on YouTube: Support us on Patreon: ( It's All Bad T-Shirts: ( Follow us on Instagram:  @itisallbad Email to be on the show: Support USPS. Send us stuff: PO Box: 2629, Manhattan Ave, #103, Hermosa Beach, CA, 90254
1 hr 14 min
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