#32 - How To Leverage Birthdays As A Low Cost Facebook Ad Strategy To Grow Your Business
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In this marketing segment, Brian shares how to leverage birthdays as a really low-cost Facebook and Instagram ad strategy to bring in new customers to your local business.

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Host: Brian Webb

Ep. 32 - How To Leverage Birthdays As A Low-Cost Facebook Ad Strategy To Grow Your Business



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Brian Webb:

So if you are a local business owner, I really think you're going to love today's episode. What I'm going to share with you today is how to leverage birthdays as a really low-cost Facebook and Instagram ad strategy to bring in new customers to your local business. And I'm going to tell you how to do it. A lot of people don't realize that inside of Facebook Ads Manager, which if you don't know, inside of Facebook Ads Manager, you can actually manage both ads on Facebook and Instagram since Facebook owns Instagram. And the Facebook Ads Manager allows you to filter your target audience down to life events, including upcoming birthdays. This means that you can narrow down your audience, and then select a targeting option that will allow you to reach people within your audience who have a birthday coming up in the next week or two.

So imagine running an ad, and I'll get to that in just a moment as far as how would you do it, what would you say, imagine running an ad one or two weeks before someone's birthday. Let me give you some examples. If you're a restaurant owner, "Come in for a free dessert." If you're a retail store, "Come in for a 20% discount." A theater, "Come in for two free tickets." A dentist, free teeth whitening. If you're a local gym, give them a day pass. If you're a massage store, give a free massage. If you're an automobile sales, give them a free oil change or a free tire rotation. Or if you're an e-commerce store, give a discount on some product. So here's how it plays out. You go into Facebook Ads Manager, and by the way, you're probably going to set this as an evergreen campaign, meaning it's just always running because Facebook knows when your birthday is.

So imagine having a campaign one to two weeks before somebody's birthday that has an ad that says something like this, "Hey, you have a birthday coming up soon and I have the perfect gift. Click here to get a birthday discount on fill in the blank." Or, "Are you ready to celebrate your birthday? Click here and use the code 'birthday' to get 20% off your order." Another example might be, "Hey, your birthday is coming up. Are you really going to let one more go without chasing your dream of fill in the blank? Click here to schedule a consultation with me today." This type of advertising tactic or strategy really gives you an evergreen ad campaign with just a one-time setup. Once it's up and running, you just move forward with your regular updates and tweaks as far as may be occasionally optimizing it from time to time.

So let's think about what this ad might look like. If you have a unique product or a unique service that needs to be explained in a little more detail, consider using a video in your ad. Video gives you a really good opportunity to not only sell the item but to sell yourself. And when it comes to creating effective video ads, remember that proximity matters. So by leaning into the camera, you can create an engaging and emotional connection to viewers within the first couple of seconds. You can also create mystery and peak their interest by using a prop in your video, like a wrapped present for birthday ads, for example. One thing to remember, this is a bonus power tip, that typically on Facebook, the sound is usually muted. So use text or motion to tell viewers to turn the sound on.

So here's a creative take. This is an idea for an ad. Imagine the ad comes up, it's a video of you or someone on your team, and you're holding a wrapped gift. Maybe you've got balloons in one hand, helium-filled balloons, right? And you say, "Hey, I've got a gift for you." Then maybe you throw that box away, for example, and you say, "Hey, the gift isn't actually in this box," and then tell them the gift that you have for them. And I gave you some great examples earlier. So for example, the restaurant. If you're a restaurant owner and you're not doing this, in my mind, you're really leaving money on the table. But if you're a restaurant owner, "Come in for that free dessert," anything that gets them through the doors for the first time.

Again, a couple of free movie tickets to a movie theater, hoping that they'll come in and buy the popcorn and the candy. Or a massage store, maybe it's a free massage. Let them come in and experience what it's like to get that massage and have that stress relieved. And when you're creating that video ad that's going to show up before someone's birthday, it doesn't have to be an epic film. If you can just boil your story down to a couple of minutes or less, your video ad can perform effectively, and you may even see your view count increase. Videos anywhere from about, say, 30 seconds to two minutes in length tend to perform really well. And by the way, you can do the same thing for wedding anniversaries. Because again, a lot of people have their wedding date or their anniversary date recorded in their information inside of Facebook.

So Facebook can see that. So you could also target a husband and wife based on their anniversary. So again, if you're looking for a set it and forget it, a one-time evergreen ad campaign that's running, again, for local businesses, this is going to be great. And again, I would also say for e-commerce stores, this could be really effective as well. So that's it for today. I hope you got some insights from this today. And by the way, need help running your ad campaigns? Just reach out to us at What Box Digital. You can go to whatboxdigital.com. We're here to help. Thanks for being here today. I will see you on the next episode.



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