#25: 29 Free Lead Generation Ideas To Increase Sales & Grow Your Business
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Host: Brian Webb

Episode 25: 29 Free Lead Generation Ideas To Increase Sales & Grow Your Business



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Brian Webb:

Hey everyone. Welcome to the podcast today. While I am flying solo today. No guest on the podcast today, but we do have some amazing guests coming up in the very, very near future. So stay tuned. I'm super excited for who's coming up next week and the weeks to come for that matter, more on that soon. Today, I am going to share about 29 lead generation ideas that you can leverage to grow your business. And guess what? For the most part, they're free. So 29 lead generation ideas you can use to grow your business and I think you're going to find this to be a valuable episode today. One thing you'll learn over time, if you haven't already when you build lead generation into your routine, your business outlook absolutely improves every time. And done right and done well, lead generation sets up a steady stream of prospects that form a pool of leads from which you and your new customers can develop a relationship over time.

And so if you understand this, if you realize this, if you agree with me, all you need are some good lead generation ideas to get your business growing faster and smarter. Now, as you can, and imagine not all lead generation ideas work for every kind of business. So not all of these are going to be relevant to you. But I bet you're going to walk away with a handful of ideas that you can be using to grow your business without spending a lot of money. Once you have found a couple or a few of your good ideas to start with, you'll want to build them into your overall marketing strategy. So that they can keep generating leads for you time and time again in the weeks, months, and years to come. So let's dig in.

I want to start today with some irresistible downloads. The lead magnet or the opt-in bribe, also known as the big juicy carrot that you dangle out in front of your audience. The basic idea is this, in exchange for someone's email address and, or their cell phone number, if you really want to uplevel your marketing, you offer them a piece of incredibly useful content. And I'm going to give you some options that makes opting in feel like a more than fair trade for your prospective customers. So let's dig in, here we go. Number one, the resource guide. Instead of giving your prospects just one useful resource, why not point them to a whole collection of good resources? So for example, create a simple PDF of your favorite tools for accomplishing a specific goal that's relevant to your product or services. Then use that as a lead magnet. Meaning, only give them that resource guide if and when they give you their email address and, or again that cell phone number. Here's one, the subscription plus model.

If you want someone to subscribe to maybe your newsletter, offer them some kind of instant gratification by including a giveaway such as an ebook or another free bonus when they sign up. And again, an ebook is basically another name for a PDF. Some kind of a resource that you've compiled a PDF format that can be easily emailed or texted to someone over the web or over their mobile devices. Here's another one. Let's call this the launch preview. If you're about to unveil something big and you hope you'll have an audience waiting for this, try offering a free first look to the people who join your launch notifications list or your email list. Maybe this is a video overview or it could be a course syllabus, whatever you want. But give them something that creates curiosity, something that piques their curiosity that makes them opt-in, and give you that email address or that cell phone number.

Let's talk about another one. I call this the sliced bread approach. This term actually stems from thinking about a very simple kind of marketing, grocery store samples. Shoppers are given a taste of something, it could be nice of bread, it could be a little cup of soup to inspire shoppers to buy the whole product. The first chapter of an ebook or a mini consultation, or if you're in software, maybe even a free limited functionality app account that could serve as your first slice of bread. Give them a little bit, maybe they'll want more. Let's go on. How about conference cliffs notes, perhaps you're attending an industry conference or another big event that your audience might be interested in, though they're not able to get there themselves. Take really good detailed notes, create a document sharing what you've learned. Then build a simple landing page to make it available for a download and post a link in an industry group or forum that you're a part of.

Another great way of not only capturing leads, but all you're doing is documenting what was said and done at an event. Here's another one, the how-to webinar. According to a survey from Google, searches for how-to content on YouTube have been growing by 70% year over year. That means huge numbers of people find a video to be an ideal teacher of practical skills. We know this already, you know that. So if you have any do-it-yourself skills to teach that compliment your business, capitalize on this by advertising a how-to webinar. And here's another webinar example, the Q and A webinar. If you have specialized knowledge that people want and you do, let them opt-in to ask you for it. And a Q and A webinar is one of the easiest types of webinars to prepare for as well as one of the most rewarding for your attendees.

One of the reasons is the most easy to prepare for is because there's no slide deck, it's Q and A session. It's you showing up saying, "Ask me anything." Demonstrating your thought leadership, being generous, helping people where they are with the challenge that they're facing in that moment. Moving on from webinars. Let's talk about YouTube. Post a how-to video on YouTube on a frequently searched topic. Then use YouTube's in video link options to direct viewers to a landing page or they can watch a longer tutorial or a more in-depth tutorial or the next installments of the how-to series if they opt-in to your email list. Or again, if they give you their cell phone number. Let's talk about a demo. Encourage your website guests to opt-in to get a video demo of how to use your product. If you have an especially complex product, you could even invite people to sign up for a demo webinar.

You can probably sense I've got a lot to share with you today so I'm moving along with these very, very quickly. But again, I'm trying to inspire you with some ideas that you can use to grow your business smarter and faster. That's the only reason Whatbox Digital exists. So let's keep going. We're going to kind of get into expanding your audience. What do you do when you feel you've fully tapped the sources of leads around you? Here's some more ideas. The guest post plus. Write a guest post on somebody else's blog and then include a link to a landing page and a lead magnet made just for the readers of that blog. Let's talk about LinkedIn. LinkedIn is often where people go when they want to advance their careers. Consider running an ad on LinkedIn or even using your own organic content that route people to a landing page that offers a course to help them improve a professional skill.

I'm hoping that some of these are giving you some inspiration or some insight on some great ideas that you can use to help grow your business. And again, for not a lot of money or even free sometimes. But let me acknowledge something real quickly too, not everyone your business has ever interacted with can really be counted as a true lead. Maybe you've connected on social media, but you don't have other contact details or maybe they're in your address book but you have no idea whether they're really interested in your services or your products. Here's a couple of strategies or more that are designed to pull more of the people in your business' orbit into your list of leads. And this first one might be the easiest, the email signature link. You shouldn't send marketing emails from your own email account, but you should make sure that everyone in your contact in the course of a given day has the chance to learn more about what you have to offer.

Include a link to a special landing page in your email signature and offer them a simple lead magnet with some type of broad appeal. Maybe you're looking for more event attendees. Do you ever hold live or online events? Even if registration does not require an opt-in, you can capture leads by inviting your registrations to opt-in to get event reminders via text or email. This works great for webinars and it works equally great for live streams. But if I haven't gotten your attention yet, let me keep on going. If your business depends on making one-on-one contact with clients, offering the same online lead magnet to everyone might have some limited results. These tactics play up some interpersonal strengths, and here we go. Custom work. Are there easy, scalable ways to customize your lead magnet to individual leads? Real estate firms that offer free home value estimates are one example of this strategy.

That many other kinds of businesses could do just as well by offering a lightly customized info product aimed at a certain group of customers. What about using a group effort. Use a landing page to promote a personal or professional challenge, or maybe you invite followers to join you in reaching a specific goal over the course of a couple of weeks or a couple of months. You can connect with the group via email or even through creating a private Facebook group. Very powerful. What about a quiz? Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned quiz or a survey? Offer some form of a quick assessment online, then ask your visitors to opt-in to get the results delivered to them by email. What if we can make old school new again. Some time-tested marketing techniques still have plenty of appeal, right?

They've just become a lot easier and a lot more trackable once you translate them into the digital age, which is where we are today. Try a few of these techniques to get more from your familiar promotions. Get more people who visit your site to follow through with an appointment and by offering to email them a coupon when they book their first visit, or how about a free sample? Everyone loves a freebie. Let visitors opt-in to receive a coupon or a discount code for a small free sample of your product. How about a contest? Ask visitors to enter your contest by opting into your email list. You can even share your landing page on social media and allow the leads to get additional entries if they share it. And again, people I know I'm moving along quickly. It's my goal that if I can kind of shotgun blast tons and tons of lead generation ideas, you're going to find two, three, four, eight, nine of them that are going to be specifically helpful for growing your business.

So here are some offline, but not analog lead generation ideas. By offline lead generation, I definitely don't mean spending hours cold calling or door knocking. No one likes to do that and no one likes to have it done to them. These strategies easily integrate with your online marketing, even when your prospects are nowhere near a computer. How about this one? A promo banner ad. Set up a text messaging opt-in number and place it on a highly visible sign at your business or a partner business. Offer some kind of a special perk to anyone who texts their email address to that number or how about an onstage lead-generation idea? If you're a speaker, if you're presenting or performing in front of an audience, give out a text message opt-in number onstage. You can even add it to your conference slide deck so attendees have plenty of time to opt-in.

Then give that audience a reason to text or email you in order to get some valuable asset in return for that information. Let's talk about your business card. Do you regularly give out business cards to your prospects? Why don't you think about help guiding them toward the ideal destination by creating a landing page and printing the link or a QR code into your business cards? And by the way, QR stands for quick response. QR codes have been around for a long time, long time, but they're back. They've been around for the longest time, no one knew how to use them but because of COVID here we are in 2021. Restaurants, people go into restaurants and the only way they can see what's on the menu is to a scan a QR code. Most mobile devices don't even require software anymore. You simply open up your camera, hold it up next to the QR code, and then it will automatically redirect them to a landing page.

Take advantage of that with your business cards or your print collateral, or even a billboard. Moving on. Here are some strategies to drive traffic to your blog posts or to your landing pages or your website or your sales funnels. Let's talk about the power of the press. If your business is featured in an online community publication, the piece is likely to include a link to your business website. Instead of directing them to your home page, make that link a focused landing page geared towards the publication's readership. This tactic can work really well if you have a regular column or if you are being consulted as an expert or are the subject of a piece. Let's talk about the every post approach. Got a blog? Make a habit of adding a call to action to sign up for your email list in every single blog post. Here's a bonus.

If you regularly publish a certain type of content, let the readers opt-in to get that content in a different format. Think about offering a slide deck from a video post or a transcript from a podcast episode or an audio version of your blog post. Want to get more traffic to your blogs? Think about using medium to get your blog posts in front of more eyes, republish them on medium.com, include a prominent link to a relevant landing page in the post. Let's talk about cornerstone content. What's the one big thing you have teacher audience? Turn it into an exceptionally valuable lead magnet and promote it in a prominent place across your entire website. Maybe in the header bar of your navigation menu. But if writing and graphics, aren't really your thing. How about creating a browser extension or an app or a worksheet or an Excel spreadsheet with calculation formulas built in. Let's pivot and talk about what I call the early adopter strategy.

If you have a coming soon landing page on your website or your website to be, get more people to sign up for notifications by offering an exclusive discount on the to be launched product or service. And here's the last thing I'm going to share with you today. In fact, I'm going to call this the last-ditch effort. Ideally, any page of your website will have a number of prominent opt-in points, but what if someone manages to miss every one of them? And I know that's possible because I've been doing this a while. In that case, you can capture their attention and their opt-in with what's called an exit pop-up. So this can be a plugin and WordPress or there are lots of tools out there that recognize when someone's about to leave or abandon your website and then a pop-up comes up. That's why it's called an exit pop.

So this only appears when someone's about to leave your page and it can be set to appear only once in a certain period of time. So as not to get in the way of your regular website visitors. Make your most irresistible offer here and you're likely to see a measurable boost in your website's conversion rate. So that's quite a mouthful. Let me leave you with some closing thoughts. Take the lead. The buying process has changed and you need to find new tactics and strategies to be heard through the white noise of the marketplace. Successful marketers are using the lead generation ideas you just heard me tell you about to get results. Every marketer has their own favorite lead generation tactics, of course. And you probably won't have the opportunity to try every single one of the ideas that I just shared with you today. But pick a couple that you think will work for you and your business and continue trying out new strategies until you begin developing a pool of prospects.

I teach my clients all the time, everything in your business should be a system. Accounting is a system, HR, system, finance, legal, all systems, operations, systems, sales and marketing, and growing your business should be a set of systems. And to state, the obvious, not all lead generation ideas work for every kind of business, but once you found a couple of effective ones, you'll want to build them into your overall operation strategy. So they keep generating leads for you time and time and time again.

So again, I hope I was able to give you something that gave you some insights or some inspiration or some creative ideas to leverage tactics and strategies to grow your business using lead generation. Being clever, being creative, being resourceful, and thanks for being here today. Again, some great, great guests coming up here in the weeks to come. And I can't wait to see you on the next episode. Let's keep growing your business together. And definitely feel free to reach out to me or my team at Whatbox Digital if you want us to help you grow your business smarter and faster. Have a good one. I will see you soon.



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