#44: 13 Lead Magnets You Can Create In 30 Minutes Or Less To Consistently Generate New Leads For Your Business
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In today’s episode, Brian Webb discusses 13 lead magnets you can create in 30 minutes or less to consistently generate new leads for your business.  Brian loves to help businesses make better marketing decisions to grow their revenue smarter & faster! He is the CEO of Whatbox Digital and the host of the 'Learn More Earn More Business Growth' podcast.

Learn More Earn More Business Growth Podcast

Host: Brian Webb

Episode 44: 13 Lead Magnets You Can Create In 30 Minutes Or Less To Consistently Generate New Leads For Your Business



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Brian Webb:

Hey, this is Brian Webb. You're listening to the Learn More, Earn More Business Growth podcast, brought to you by What Box Digital.

Hey there everyone, welcome to the show. This podcast is your premier place to learn the frameworks, secrets, and growth hacks to grow and scale your business smarter and faster, whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a thriving business owner, this podcast is designed just for you so you can learn from the best industry experts in the world. I'll bring you exclusive interviews with authors, thought leaders, and successful business titans who share their stories and business journeys so we can draw insights and learn from their successes and struggles together. As you're working on growing your business and pursuing your dreams, I'll be here to help you make better decisions and avoid the costly pitfalls and expensive mistakes along the way, and I promise we'll have some fun in the process. So let's go ahead and jump into today's episode.

Hey everyone, welcome to the show today. This is Brian Webb, your host. I'm flying solo today, and today I'm going to talk all things lead magnet and I'm going to describe what a lead magnet is, we're going to talk about the important components of a lead magnet, and I'm going to share with you thirteen of my favorite lead magnets that you can use to grow your email list, cultivate leads, and grow your business and increase your revenue.

Now I know good and well that my podcast audience is really a blend of entrepreneurs and business leaders, people who probably don't even really know marketing, you're wanting to learn. And I've got people in the audience who quite frankly, are very, very sophisticated marketers, and some of those have actually been on the podcast. So today I'm talking to you, entrepreneur, solopreneur, business owner, the person who wants to learn how to grow your business smarter and faster, but you have no idea what all this marketing stuff is.

And today, as I told you, we're going to talk about lead magnets and you might be thinking, first of all, Brian, what is a lead magnet? Lead magnet is really an industry term. It's nomenclature. All it is is an online incentive offered to your prospects in exchange for their email address or their cell phone number. Generally speaking, lead magnets are downloadable digital content, an ebook, a PDF checklist, a white paper, or a training course, or what is called a sideway sales letter, meaning a video series that might drip down over several days or a week or two. But a lead magnet is also known, AKA by the way, as a lead generator can be an opt-in offer, meaning you always are trying to collect their email address and/or their cell phone number, but it could be for a course, it could be for a coupon or a video series.

The goal of your lead magnet is basically to attract, to dangle what Dan Sullivan calls that juicy carrot, attract visitors to sign up for whatever your online business is offering and/or your brick and mortar business. And before I share some of my favorite lead magnets, and these are powerful by the way, because remember you can make these in a half-hour or less. So the four elements of a lead magnet are one, you need a form. You need a place where your audience, your prospects, can go and give you their information in exchange for the lead magnet or the lead generator that you want to give back to them.

Second, you need a piece of content. This needs to be something as enticing as possible, as irresistible as possible, that you offer to your visitor in exchange for their information. Delivery email, obviously, someone came to the forum. They said yes, they raised their hand, they took a micro-step in your direction. You already have your content, you've got to deliver that to them. You're going to do that via a delivery email, so this email gets sent to your visitor, who fills out that form, which includes a link or a file to the content that you're giving to them. And ultimately, you need a thank you page. This is the page that your visitor will see after they download the content or fill out your form. Right?

So while this fourth element is really an option, it's a great way to kickstart the relationship with you and your new lead, your prospect. And you might be asking yourself, do lead magnets actually work? And the answer is an emphatic yes. There's all kinds of benefits associated with using a lead magnet. For example, if you're an online business, your offer is an excellent list-building opportunity to help you develop customer relationships and ultimately increase sales, right?

Additionally, lead magnets really work to help you create an audience for your business that's going to be super, super receptive to your marketing efforts, ads, email campaigns, sales calls, everything. Because people in this audience have already demonstrated an interest in your business, your products, your services, and that you have generously given them something that alleviates pain, a problem, you solve a problem.

So if you're going to be making a lead magnet, no matter what type it's going to be, and remember, I'm going to share 13 of them with you today, right? Here are the guiding principles that you need for every lead magnet that you ever make. Hopefully, the first one is the most obvious, be valuable. Be ridiculously valuable. Nothing in life is free, including building an email list of prospects, growing your leads.

But in order for them to give up that information, future customers want something valuable. Again, solve a problem, deliver them from pain, or propel them towards pleasure. An example of delivering them from paying, for example, might be eight tips to save $100,000 on your income taxes this year, right? That's painful. Propelling them towards pleasure might become to our resort for a free night's stay. That's giving them something that would bring pleasure into their life.

Second, offer instant gratification. Anyone who gives you their email address, or even better their cell phone number, they're looking for a solution now. So your lead magnet or your lead generator should be easy to sign up for, and it should quickly deliver on, its promise, whatever that value proposition is. The longer it takes for your prospect to apply or receive your offer, the more likely it is that they will lose interest or just become distracted.

Third, it should be well designed. If your lead magnet is just unappealing, unprofessional, undesirable, if it's sloppy, your audience won't have much faith in your brand or company or what you do. Your lead magnet design is a core part of creating an asset that builds trust with your audience. So make sure whatever you create, it looks professional and it's easy on the eyes. And you might say, Brian, I'm not a designer. Hint, hint, Canva.com, C-A-N-V-A.com. You don't have to be a great anymore, there's all kinds of templates out there in the world that you can literally go drag and drop and move right into without having any graphic design experience whatsoever.

And fourth, it should align with your business, your products, and your services. Your lead magnet should build consumer trust in your company, so the content that you provide should align with what your business does. For example, if you're a CPA, your lead magnet should probably not be a coupon for 50% off a gallon of paint. If you're a personal chef, your lead magnet probably shouldn't be thirteen of your favorite lead magnets. I think you're getting the point, right?

So now that you understand what a lead magnet, also known as a lead generator, is I want to share with you thirteen of my favorite lead magnets that are super easy to create. First, if you have a blog, create a PDF file for your highest performing blog posts. So in other words, if you already have a blog, all you have to do is do a quick copy and paste, again, into a well designed document, convert that into a PDF, super easy, and then let that be the deliverable. So maybe log into your Google analytics account, see which blog posts are performing the best. The ones that get the most traffic or the most engagement, convert those into a PDF, make that the deliverable lead magnet. And it simply would not be hard at all to jazz them up, add some images, add a graph, add a chart.

Second, consider giving away transcripts. Are you a podcaster? Are you creating video content for a YouTube channel or TikTok? Then consider making transcripts for each one of those videos. While most people do love videos, some people do prefer to consume content in different ways. For example, some would rather read a book than listen to the audio book. If you have made video content, you've already done the hard work, you've spent hours and hours and hours of creating editing and post-production, so why not go ahead and turn that into a transcript and let that be used as a lead magnet. There are all kinds of services that you can use to get audio or video transcribed into text like Rev.com, Trint, T-R-I-N-T, or Data List. These services are well worth the small cost of you using them to get a transcript from your video content.

My third option or idea is think about creating a quick checklist. They are easy to make and people love checklists. Here are some examples, X number of steps to follow to create a how to blog post or a podcast, right? Or X materials needed for a do it yourself project. Or steps to follow while thinking through a particular project or an action. Or ten must have items that you need, things, whatever those are, that you can't live without. Next think about showcasing your "best in show" content with a swipe file. For copywriters, this might be a compilation of your best copy, your sales letters, emails, blog posts, or other projects that you're literally allowing people just to swipe it and use it.

Regardless of what industry space or vertical that you're in, you can create a swipe file, I promise you, particularly of your best work to give away as a lead magnet. This might be past sales materials, client work, properties you've sold, quotes, blog posts, whatever. To create a swipe file, just be sure to compile documents you already have so that you can put it together quickly, follow the same processes we talked about with the checklist. Once you have all of that, make it into a PDF, protect that golden content with a lead form, there you go, 30 minutes or less.

Here's an idea for those engineers out there. Those left brainers, think about delivering some analytics. Even as I'm recording this podcast. I can think of my engineer friends and colleagues and clients, and they love numbers, so sharing real world results or numerical based data can give number loving prospects the value that they love. This could be an Excel spreadsheet, it could be a graph, marketing results, a white paper, split test numbers, experiments, schedules, whatever. Just be sure to steer clear of anything that's confidential or proprietary, but this is a great one for your left brainers out there.

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Here's another one, give away pieces or parts of your products or service. At the end a day, whenever you're offering someone a lead magnet, your ultimate goal is what? To eventually sell your products or services. So ideally in a best case scenario, your lead magnet should help to pre-sell, to demonstrate value, thought leadership and generosity, but to pre-sell whatever product or service that you eventually want to ask them to buy anyway.

Grocery stores do this, perhaps the best. I go to my local HEB here in the Houston, Texas metroplex. There's a chef, they're cooking, they're letting you sample their products, recipes, they're being generous. I can't tell you the number of times that I tried something at the grocery store, and then I bought the soup. I bought the ingredients for specific recipe. Well Brian, I don't have a grocery store. Well, maybe you're an author, give away a free chapter of your book. Maybe you're a graphic designer, maybe give away a website template. Maybe you're a consultant, give away the first module in your online course. Or if you're a realtor, how about that one? It might be a quick list of properties. Bottom line is that by giving away a piece of your product, you're giving your audience a taste of what full access or premium service that you offer might be for them as an experience.

Now just a few moments ago, I told you about checklists. A checklist is in essence a to do list. It's a step by step how to, but a list all by itself is another phenomenal, phenomenal, phenomenal lead magnet. People love lists. Here are just a few, 25 email subject lines that get people to convert. My 24 favorite fill in the blank restaurants in Houston, Texas. Thirteen inspirational quotes. Twenty-nine pro tips for the manufacturing industry. Sixteen strategies to reform better as an athlete. The options that you have for creating lists are infinite and easy, so think of a list that you can create to educate your audience about your products or services or to inspire them to again, move away from some form of pain or move towards some form of pleasure.

Here's an idea, give away how-tos, give away recipes. If you're a chef, if you're a trainer, if you're an instructor, a gym owner, a blog, or whatever, consider giving away a how-to document or a recipe for what you do. And if you're thinking well Brian, I'm not a cook, a recipe does not have to be for just food. Regardless of what industry you're in, you can produce a recipe for basically any result that your audience is interested in. That could be a quick list of how to do something well, a recipe or a how-to for how to carve a wooden canoe, a recipe for learning how to export Facebook data, or for how to create a custom audience in Facebook. Basically just keep in mind, you can turn your own experiences into a case study or a step by step recipe so that other people who want to replicate your results can do it.

This next one can be a lot of fun. Think about giving away your personal routines. We all have them. If you have a routine that your potential audience would find valuable, put it into a PDF and give it away. This could be your habits. This could be what your perfect week Monday through Friday looks like. Maybe it's fifteen productivity hacks that you have just learned over the years. Maybe it's something from your business playbook, your calendar, other shortcuts, whatever. If you're a mechanic, your personal shortcut might be the fastest way to change your own oil or the fastest way to check your own engine. You might be thinking well Brian, I'm a life coach. How about the three things I do every morning to make sure I have a great day?

Here's another one. Think about giving away your presentations. If you've created presentations, the odds are favorable that you have a couple of slide decks or PowerPoint presentations or a keynote presentation that's lurking somewhere in your hard drive that you could be sharing with your audience. A little bonus idea. If you're giving a presentation, you could set up a text message campaign that you show during your presentation that allows those in your audience to go and give you their information so that you can send them the slide deck. So you're actually creating a lead magnet that can be offered in real time. Don't forget we live in a microwave culture, people want a lot of information or ideas. They want it fast, they want it brief, and slide decks are a super digestible piece of content that can successfully be shared as a downloadable. Super, super easy.

Here's one. What about your top frequently asked questions? You're a business owner, you're an entrepreneur, it's likely that you already know what questions your customers want to ask. You've been doing this for a long time. Pull together a list of your top ten, top five, top fifteen most frequently asked questions, turn it into a PDF with the answers. The best FAQs handle all of the objections that your clients may have when they're considering buying your particular products or services, so make sure you address those. This is a super, super cool opportunity to address those objections and you can provide targeted responses to their concerns. I'd be shocked if this particular lead magnet took you more than 20 minutes to create.

Here's one. Give away a valuable video clip. You've created videos, probably. If so, giving away your best of video content as a lead magnet is a great idea for you to consider. Maybe it's a 15-minute clip from your past webinar that you did, or a video clip from a conference presentation that you did, or even a video of your blog content. And a bonus hack on this one. Let's just say that you end up with eight or nine video clips, don't put them all into a single folder and let them go get them, deliver them one at a time. Maybe if you have eight, deliver them one every day for the next eight days. Not only have you provided value, not only have you delivered what you said that you would, but you're getting a piece of real estate in their brain. Even if it's just for a second, even if they don't open the email for the next eight days, you're showing up. They're catching your personality, your tone of voice, your body language. It just gives you an opportunity to over an extended period of time deliver that value, drip that value to them.

So that makes twelve, so the last one that I'm going to share with you, number thirteen, think about sharing your top resources or your tools. Consider making a resource guide. This type of a guide is simply a list of your favorite tools. It could be the apps that you use, it's resources that you'd like to recommend to your audience. Maybe this is a list of your top websites. Maybe it's the tools that you use or the apps that you run your business on. By the way, if you do this, include links to all of those websites. And it probably can go without being said, but I'm going to say it anyway, your list of resources should probably entice your audience to want your products or services. On that list, your final recommendation should always include your business website or your business's app or your business's software for that matter.

So there you have it, thirteen of my favorite lead magnets, the four guiding principles for what a lead magnet basically is, how they work. Every client I work with, everyone, we all need a sales funnel, we all need a stack of sales funnels. And the way that you do that is growing your email list, growing your SMS phone number list, so that you can nurture your audience over time. Deliver value first, get value later. You're just going to win whenever you are generous and whenever you give value, and when you demonstrate your competence and your thought leadership. That's the underlying foundation for success. If you want to effectively and consistently use marketing, marketing done right, to grow your business.

That's it for today, guys. I hope this was valuable. And don't forget, if you need help creating lead magnets, creating sales funnels, creating systems that help you to effectively grow your business, just go to WhatBoxDigital.com, raise your hand, and let us know. We are here to help. That's it for today. I'll see you on the next episode.

Thanks for joining me today and listening to this episode of the Learn More, Earn More Business Growth podcast. We can be found on all the major platforms like Apple podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher, and even Amazon Music. I genuinely hope you enjoyed today's episode, and if you did, I'd be honored if you'd subscribe to the show and leave us a rating and an honest review. I'd love to connect with you on Instagram. You can find me at @BrianWebb, and the show sponsor What Box Digital can be found at, as you might guess, @WhatBoxDigital.

You can also find me and What Box Digital on Facebook and LinkedIn with the links in the show notes. This will allow you to stay up to date and never miss out on exciting new announcements, events, special offers, and opportunities, and you'll be in the know when we drop a new episode of the Learn More, Earn More Business Growth podcast. And if you'd like to send me a DM on Instagram to say hello, or share your thoughts on how we can make this podcast even better for you, I'd love to hear from you. Again, thanks for listening. Let's go and grow together. I'll see you on the next episode.



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