#26: The Art Of Sales Followup That Will Level Up Your Close Ratios Without Pestering Your Prospects
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Host: Brian Webb

Ep. 26 - The Art Of Sales Followup That Will Level Up Your Close Ratios Without Pestering Your Prospects



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Brian Webb:

Hey everyone. So all of you business owners who have a sales team, I want to talk about what they are likely doing wrong. In my experience, well over 90% of salespeople fail to consistently follow up with their business prospects. And when they do a lot of times, they're doing it wrong. I've seen more than a few salespeople follow up once, maybe twice, maybe three times, maybe four or five times and then they give up. And I promise you, you are leaving money on the table if you do that. Let me give you a statistic that I share with all of my active clients. It typically takes a minimum of 21 to 24 interactions with your brand before your prospect goes through the three phases of a relationship. First, some level of awareness or curiosity. Second, they develop trust typically, as you enlighten them, add value to them, educate them, and inform them. And third, commitment.

So if you're calling someone three, four, or five times, you're almost automatically guaranteed to set yourself up for failure. You have to consistently show up time and time again, unless, or until they've told you no, we're absolutely uninterested. At that point, sure. It does make sense to stop pestering them about setting up a sales call. But even then you can remain omnipresent on all your social channels. You can retarget them with advertising. You can still reach out once a year and say happy birthday. But just know if you stop at three, four, or five times, you're not going to be as successful as you want, need, and should be in sales. And second, even if you are showing up three, four, or five times, or even if you do follow this principle of being more consistent and following up with them over an extended period of time, a lot of people don't do it right.

What I see time and time again is for those who do follow up, here's what they do. Hey, are you ready to buy, hey, are you ready to buy, hey, are you ready to buy? Hey, can we set up that meeting? That is not what you should be doing. Once your offer has been presented, wait a day, maybe 24 or even 48 hours. And maybe on that second call, you call and leave them a message because people don't typically answer their phones anymore, as much as they used to anyway. But when you call back up, you say, hey, looking forward to doing business with you. Let me know if you need more information. That's it.

Beyond that second call, so from calls three through infinity, any time that you reach out, you're not going to call them to set up a meeting. Hey, I'm checking in with you. Hey, I'm following up. No, no, no. What you do is you share an article that you thought might be helpful, send them some type of a swipe file or a checklist. Anything that's going to add value over time. And by the way, the more high ticket your products and services are, it may take even more than 24 interactions with your brand before they really begin to understand what your products and services can do for them.

So instead of selling to your prospects, serve your prospects, don't sell them. I'd urge you to consistently continue to show up and always, always, always add value. Serve your prospects if you really want them to ultimately become your customers. And by the way, while this episode is not specifically about sales funnels, this is a great example of how sales funnels help you to do everything I've been sharing with you today. It empowers you to start the conversation, nurture them over time, give value, and watch your prospects turn into customers over and over again. I hope you found this helpful today. Can't wait to see you on the next episode.



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