#14: Understand Maslow's Pyramid To Write Better Marketing Copy
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Ep. 14 - Understand Maslow's Pyramid To Write Better Marketing Copy



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Hey, welcome to the Do Marketing Better segment of the Learn More Earn More Business Growth Podcast, sponsored by Whatbox Digital. I'm your host, Brian Webb, and this is where I bring you short, snackable, bite-sized tips and tricks to level up real marketing and help you grow your business faster. So let's jump on into today's show. 

I want to talk to you today about the pyramid of needs or the hierarchy of needs, which was actually created by Dr. Abraham Maslow. Now, Dr. Maslow was an American psychologist definitely best known for creating this hierarchy of needs, which is a theory of psychological health predicated on fulfilling our own human needs in priority and creating, I guess, self-actualization. 

Now, that's not the most important thing for you to take away from what I'm going to talk about today. Dr. Maslow created something called the hierarchy of needs or the pyramid of needs. And when I'm working with my clients, I actually want them to understand what this is. You might be thinking, okay, who is Dr. Maslow and why do I care? When you're creating products or services for your business, you want your products and services to fulfill as many of these needs, and by the way, there are about 30 of them. The more of these needs that your products or services fulfill inside of me, inside of your prospects, inside of your customers, the less challenging is going to be to execute your marketing, the easier it's going to be to sell your products and services, and the quicker your audience is going to embrace and adopt your products and services and gravitate towards them. 

And here's what they are. We'll start from the bottom and work our way up. Now, by the way, there's four tiers on the pyramid, and mind you, this is kind of a modified version of the pyramid, kind of tweaked for marketers and business owners to think about our businesses when it comes to Maslow's hierarchy or pyramid of needs. Now, mind you, again, there's four tiers of the pyramid, at the very top social impact, at the second tier life change, third-tier beneath that emotional, and the bottom tier is functional.

Let's start from the bottom. Again, there are 30 in total. Here are the functional needs that you hope that your products and services fill in the minds and hearts of your audience. One, saves time. Two simplifies. Three makes them money. Remember, these are functional. Four reduces their risk. Five organizes. Six, integrate, meaning integrates with other parts of our lives, other things that we use. Seven connects. Eight reduces effort, makes it easier for me. Nine avoids hassles. 10, reduces my cost. 11, quality. 12, gives me variety. 13, sensory appeal. And 14, informs, it gives me information, keeps me in the loop. And again, these are the functional needs that we have.

Let's move up to the emotional. One reduces my anxiety. Two rewards me with something. Three, nostalgia. Four design aesthetics, meaning I love the way it looks or feels, say, for example, the sofa in my living room, or those sleek lines and bright red paint on your favorite European sports car. Five, prestige, it makes me feel like I'm a part of a tribe. Six, wellness, health. Seven, therapeutic value. Eight, fun and entertaining. Nine, attractive, it makes me feel attractive. Obviously, we could talk about makeup products for women or men's fashion apparel, women's fashion apparel. And last, provides access, meaning, for example, a country club would be a great example of providing access. You're giving me access to amenities, resources, communities. 

Now let's talk about the five needs in the life change category or the tier of the pyramid. One, it provides me hope. Two, self-actualization, make me self-aware or makes me want to actually go and do the thing that otherwise I wouldn't go do on my own. Three, motivation. Four, heirloom. Any man who's ever bought a diamond ring or a charm bracelet for his bride hopes that someday that's an heirloom, something that will be cherished for years to come. Something I can pass down to generations. And five, affiliations. And at the very top, the social impact here of the pyramid, this is the very pinnacle of the pyramid, is self-transcendence. 

So in a nutshell, that's the 30 needs that Maslow outlined in the shape of a pyramid if you can imagine. You can look this up, by the way, just Google it, Maslow's hierarchy of needs or Maslow's pyramid of needs. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, again, awesome information. How do I use it? And I would say that there's two functions in which you should know this. One, as you're creating products and services, you should really be making a checklist of how many of these needs does your product or does your service fulfill in the eyes, hearts, and minds of your audience? But if your business has been around and it is what it is, your product and services are what they are, then what I would say is the way that you brand yourself, the way that you do your marketing, your messaging, how you talk about your products or services, should spend a lot of time focusing on these needs. 

Because again, the more that your products or services, or the more that your brand and message your products and services, to help me realize, help your audience realize, that you're going to meet as many of those needs as possible, I can promise you you'll spend less money on advertising, and your audience will gravitate to why more quickly and more easily. And by the way, to give you a point of reference, I've heard it argued that Apple, you know, that tiny little Fortune 10 company that makes computers and iPhones, meets 20 or more of these 30 primary needs that we all have. The more your products or services meet these needs in me, in your audience, in your customers, the stronger your business is going to be, the stronger your marketing and message is going to be, because you're talking about the things that are important to me, to them, the people who you want to give you their hard-earned dollars. 

I hope this was helpful today. So much more coming up. I'm really excited about it. But I will see you soon on the next episode. 

Hey, thanks for listening to the Do Marketing Better segment of the Learn More Earn More Business Growth Podcast. This podcast is sponsored by Whatbox Digital. Whatbox Digital exists to coach business owners and leaders to make better marketing decisions, have fewer regrets, and avoid the expensive, very expensive, pitfalls and costly mistakes of bad marketing that just doesn't work. To learn more about how we can help you improve your marketing and grow your business faster, check out whatboxdigital.com, and I'll see you in the next episode.



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