#16 : Connect Better With Your Prospects On LinkedIn - Introducing Cover Stories
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Host: Brian Webb

Ep. 16 - Connect Better With Your Prospects On LinkedIn - Introducing Cover Stories



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Brian Webb:

Hey, welcome to the Do Marketing Better segment of the Learn More Earn More Business Growth Podcast, sponsored by Whatbox Digital. I'm your host, Brian Webb and this is where I bring you short, snackable, bite-sized tips and tricks to level up your marketing and help you grow your business faster. So let's jump on into today's show.

Today's episode is about an update that came out Q1 of this year, March to be specific, on LinkedIn that most of you have probably missed, and they're called LinkedIn cover stories. But no worries, I've got your back, I'm going to tell you all about it today. On your LinkedIn profile where you have historically only been able to have a profile photo, you can now also have what LinkedIn calls a LinkedIn cover story, which said differently is like adding a 30-second video where your profile photo has meant in the past. Why do you care?

This is now where you can basically put a 30-second elevator speech that people on LinkedIn, your connections on LinkedIn, and/or those you are not connected to can now learn very quickly more about you, what you do and how you can solve the problems for your customers. This is undoubtedly one of my favorite updates that LinkedIn has done in quite a long time, to be honest with you. It's super powerful. I'm going to tell you how to do it. At the moment you cannot add a cover story, which is what LinkedIn calls this 30-second video cover story using your desktop computer, at the moment as of the time of this recording, you can only do it from your mobile device.

Here's how you do it. Go to your LinkedIn app on your mobile device, go to view your own profile page. Once you're there, right where your image or your current profile photo shows up, you're going to see a plus icon on the bottom right of your profile photo. And when you click on it, it's going to say click, well, basically you'll click to add cover story. Once you're there you'll have two options. Either you can record a 30-second video with the camera on your phone, or you can upload a prerecorded video from your photos library.

Once you've completed this process, this video will be visible in the area where historically you've only been able to see a photo of yourself, now the video will be visible, but when people arrive on your profile, the audio will be muted until they click on your photo or the video, which at that point, both the video and the audio of your LinkedIn cover story will play for them. Now, at this point, you can designate who can see your LinkedIn cover story on LinkedIn, either A, your first-degree connections, or B, all LinkedIn users. Personally, I don't know why you would ever set it to only your first degree connections, because if there are people out there who you are not yet connected to and your products or services solve their problems, and they're a future client or a customer of you and your business, of course, you want them to be able to see your video.

So what's this good for? This is perfect for a sales pitch or for it specifically calling out your ideal customer avatars, meaning who do you want to serve and giving your contact info. It's a great way of allowing people to hear and see the warmth of your personality and allow them to possibly connect with you a little deeper, certainly much more than they could from just seeing a photo of yourself. And remember, people don't read the web, we scan the web. Everyone's in a hurry and video and audio media will always trump paragraphs on a page when it comes to optimizing conversion rates on any website, including your social media profile. So that's it for today. LinkedIn cover stories, you get yours done, it's going to be a huge improvement for how you connect with your prospects on LinkedIn.

Hey, thanks for listening to the Do Marketing Better segment of the Learn More Earn More Business Growth Podcast. This podcast is sponsored by Whatbox Digital and we're here to coach business owners and leaders just like you to make better marketing decisions, have fewer regrets and avoid the expensive, very expensive pitfalls and costly mistakes of bad marketing that just doesn't work. To learn more about how we can help you improve your marketing and grow your business smarter and faster, check out whatboxdigital.com and I'll see you on the next episode.



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