#22: Six 'T's' To Level Up Your Social Media Marketing
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Ep. 22 - Six 'T's' To Level Up Your Social Media Marketing



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Brian Webb:

Hey there and welcome to the Do Marketing Better segment of the Learn More Earn More Business Growth podcast, sponsored by Whatbox Digital. I'm your host, Brian Webb, and this is where I bring you short, snackable episodes with tips and tricks to level up your marketing and help you grow your business smarter and faster. So let's jump into today's show.

One thing I hear over and over and over again is, "I know I'm supposed to be posting to social media. I don't know what to post. What should I say? When should I say it? What should I talk about?" And today I'm going to tell you. Here at Whatbox Digital, we call this the six T's of posting to social media, successfully anyway, and here's what the six T's are: teach, transform, tickle, transparency, tease, and trends. Let me explain.

The first one, teach, might be the most obvious. Educate. The more that you can teach your audience, the more that you can educate them, you're doing several things all at once. This podcast, by the way, is a great example. When you're educating, you're posturing yourself, you're positioning yourself as a thought leader and as an expert in what you do, but also you're showing generosity, you're giving something for free, you're giving value to your audience before you ever asked them to engage with you. And over time, the only way that you're going to cultivate know, like, and trust is through enlightenment anyway. So the more that you can educate or teach your audience, the more successful your social media campaigns are going to be.

Let's go to the next one. Transform. Anytime you're there to help transform your audience you're also getting points with them in the relationship as well. So whether you're posting leadership quotes or memes or videos or images that show people what they can aspire to, you're inspiring them, or whenever you're giving them something that helps them so quickly that you actually help them to transform. So for example, if I helped to save you money today, I've transformed you, I've provided transformation. But I might have also provided transformation when I share my thoughts about leadership and maybe give you something to aspire to as a leader.

So teach, educate your audience, T, give them as many transformations as you can, and they don't have to be big transformations, they can be micro transformations. A micro transformation might be how to accomplish something very small in a very short period of time. That's a micro transformation. A big transformation might be teaching someone how to make changes to their marketing that can give them another half a million dollars in revenue this year. That's a big transformation. So whether it's small or large, teach your audience and give them transformations, inspire them to be better than who they are today, and give them something to work on that will help them to progress towards their goals and dreams.

Next, let's talk about tickle. Even as I'm saying, it's making me laugh. Be funny. It's okay if you stumble into something online and it's funny to you, there's a good chance that it's going to be funny to your audience as well. And it doesn't have to be something that you're teaching or giving them transformation, this is just something to be lighthearted, to be human, to make someone laugh or chuckle in a given day. You never know what your audience is dealing with so if you can make them smile, you know what? You're just one step closer to having a better relationship with that person.

Next, transparency. And what transparency means is letting people come in behind the scenes of your business and your life. Let people see some images from the Christmas party with you and your staff, let people see what's happening in the board room, or let people see what you're working on in a given day or a given moment. Transparency. So teach, transform, tickle, show transparency.

The next one, tease. Tease is really another word for "to promote" or "to peak curiosity". What service do you have coming up that's new that you can start teasing your audience with information and insights about what to expect? What new product do you have coming out? What new launch? What's the next book that you're writing? What's the next online asset that you're launching, the next sales funnel, the next offer that you're making? Tease the world, create curiosity, peak people's interest, and you're going to keep them engaged with your feed as well.

So again, teach, transform, tickle, be funny, be real, transparency. let us end behind the scenes, tease, promote what you're doing, and last: trends. One thing I share with people all the time that most people have never considered: every news story you have ever seen or heard in your life had one originator of that news, meaning the first one that was there at the scene, and then everyone is just rebroadcasting it. So in other words, there's a good chance that if you're seeing breaking news on Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, they're probably just rebroadcasting what someone else has already discovered and reported, but everyone else is just the copycat. And yet most people get their news from national sources like Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and we just kind of assume that that's where the news originated from when, actually, it couldn't be anything further from the truth.

If you think about it, only one person, only one station can arrive at the scene initially, and then everyone else is just sharing what someone else has already learned. So if people are going to get their information from somewhere, why not make it from you? It doesn't matter if you first saw it on another news article, if you read about it on somebody else's blog if you have news and insights and trends that are relevant to your ideal customer avatar, then why don't you consider being the source of that for your audience?

Again, imposter syndrome wants to kick in. You tell yourself, "Why would I say this? Someone else has already said it." But let's go back to the news example, one person arrived at the scene, one person tells the story first, everyone else is a copycat. So I would urge you to consider that there's nothing wrong with sharing trends, news, insights. Anything that's going to help your customers solve their problems, you be the source, you be the go-to for where they get that information. It builds trust, it builds credibility, and it demonstrates generosity.

So again, teach, educate your audience, transform them, give them transformations as often as you can, be funny, be lighthearted, tickle them, be transparent, show us what's going on that's interesting in your life and in your business, and share the trends, share the news and the insights that helps us to grow, helps us not to miss something that we would have otherwise missed.

So that's the six T's of successfully posting on social media if you want to be effective. And by the way, need help with your social media? Reach out to me and my team, we're here to help. More marketing tips, tricks, hacks, and insights coming very, very soon. I hope you enjoyed it today.

Thanks for listening to the Do Marketing Better segment of the Learn More Earn More Business Growth podcast. This podcast is sponsored by Whatbox Digital and we're here to coach business owners and leaders just like you to make better marketing decisions, have fewer regrets, and avoid the expensive, very expensive pitfalls and costly mistakes of bad marketing that just doesn't work. To learn more about how we can help you improve your marketing and grow your business smarter and faster, just check out whatboxdigital.com. Or better yet, just text the word help to 832-324-2432 and we'll chat about your business growth needs. And if you haven't already done so, please subscribe to the podcast so you never miss another episode. Let's go and grow together. I'll see you on the next episode.



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