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WTR Discussion With Scott Holmen, Importance Of Relationships
Dec 12, 2019 · 30 min
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Making authentic relationships is extremely important when meeting new people in all aspects of our lives. How do you make these connections to start expanding your network? Well, it’s as simple as doing something that you enjoy doing. Today, WTR welcomes Scott Holmen, founder and CEO of Agency73 and long-time successful entrepreneur. In today’s episode, we discuss how if you put a strong investment into relationships, it could be the key to growing your business.

WTR Discussion With Scott Holmen, Importance Of Relationships

Scott Holmen

Website: http://scottholmen.com 

Website 2: https://www.agency73.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-holmen-63aa6410/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scottholmen 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Agency73 


  • [00:27] Kevin: Today, we’re joined by guest Scott Holmen. He is the founder and CEO of Agency73 and long-time successful entrepreneur. One of the things that we've both found in business is that overtime, business can benefit from the relationships that we have
  • [01:11] People and business revolve around relationships
  • [01:19] Would you mind sharing a little bit about where you came from and what inspired you to get to where you are today?
  • [01:33] Scott: I've started a lot of businesses that have been across a lot of different industries. I didn't go on the traditional path and become an expert in any one thing, I just got addicted to learning and trying things and starting businesses
  • [02:09] I've gone into it not knowing much about that industry and I just loved learning and meeting people and trying new things (has worked out)
  • [03:58] Kevin: I've always had a saying that goes when you realize how much you don't know about a subject, that's when you're an expert
  • [04:10] Scott: The more I learn the more I realize how much there is to learn which makes it super enjoyable
  • [04:26] Kevin: Why do you think it's so important to focus on relationships in business?
  • [04:33] Scott: For me, it's fun. All of my clients have become friends, a lot of my clients were friends first
  • [04:57] It's a very natural thing when you put yourself out there, at least for me
  • [05:30] I'm always making introductions, which end up coming back to me which has grown our business without the need for marketing
  • [06:22] Kevin: It doesn't feel good when you don't have a connection to people (ex: cold calling)
  • [06:47] Scott: Cold calling makes you appreciate the authentic relationships that drive business (get to see the contrast)
  • [07:43] Kevin: So you build your business primarily with relationships. Can you talk a little bit more about how it's built up your business?
  • [07:58] Scott: On the client side
  1. [08:17] After years of meeting new people, you start building up a great network of clients
  2. [08:22] Because these people know and trust me, I do great work
  3. [08:48] Politely asking if they can bring other people into your world
  • [08:53] On the team side
  1. [09:12] We haven't had to really post job descriptions (network)
  • [09:30] You really have to get out there to make a good use of your time (can be doing fun things to network too)
  • [10:17] Kevin: Do you have any suggestions for our WTR listeners about how they can go about meeting new people?
  • [10:25] Scott: I would say go do something you love (ex: surfing, golf, etc.)
  • [10:32] Find a group of people who are doing something that you really enjoy doing
  • [10:44] When you build relationships with people with a common interest at the core, there's more depth there already in the relationship
  • [11:15] It's not just number of hours you spend with them, it's about getting to know them and the people who are important to them (be authentic and care about their life too, not just business matters)
  • [12:41] You don't want to be the guy where you're superficially trying to build friendships (understand the person first before you try doing business with them)
  • [13:52] Always invest deeply into relationships, not just broadcasting and spam emails
  • [14:17] Kevin: What would you say is a good way to turn the corner from when you first meet someone and being an acquaintance to being in a stronger relationship?
  • [14:45] Scott: Don't be the guy who asks what a person does for work as your first question. As you get to know someone, then you should ask that
  • [14:53] You'll quickly realize that there's frequently an opportunity to support them in what they're doing (sell them what you have or people you know in your network that could help them)
  • [15:59] Have to have authentic conversations in order to build trust and a companionship (come across as you trying to help them)
  • [16:59] Kevin: How would you introduce them to your business opportunity?
  • [17:05] Scott: If what I do is a potential remedy to one of the problems they're currently experiencing, I can offer the help
  • [17:18] Be clear that you're not trying to sell them anything, but instead inform them that's what you do and the option is there if they so choose
  • [18:01] Kevin: Do you have a couple of tips that you could give our WTR listeners that they could start doing today to make a change in their relationships?
  • [18:32] Scott: I would say go out and find those meetup groups or whatever you're into and just keep going and hanging out with those people
  • [18:40] Don't go with the intention of pitching your business
  • [19:55] Kevin: Before we close today, I have a value bomb for you, and that is what is something in your experience that our WTR listeners could look to avoid doing and then something they can do about it?
  • [20:13] Scott: We've all known that person who's coming to you because he wants something from you. Don't be the taker
  • [20:47] Be authentic and empathetic (listen with the intention of replying and listen with the intention of understanding what someone is saying to you)
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