Changing Social Power Through Linguistic Diversity with Katherine Kinzler - Episode 20
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Speech can either cause some of our biggest social divides or it will bring us all together. One way to create diversity and unity in our speech is found in the value of learning multiple languages. Growing up in a home experiencing more than one language means that you are able to perceive people's speech in different ways. Having grown up with Cantonese being my primary language, yet living in an English dominant world, I saw that first hand which is why it brings me great joy to share to bring on Katherine Kinzler to the podcast.

Katherine is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago. Her work has appeared regularly in the New York Times and other outlets, and she was named a “Young Scientist,” one of 50 scientists under age 40 recognized by the World Economic Forum. Her book "How You Say It: Why You Talk the Way You Do—And What It Says About You" exposes linguistic prejudice and that is the reason why I wanted her on the show.

Originally, I was so drawn to her work with kids showing why multilingualism is beneficial for kids and our society as at the time, my kiddo was getting ready to start kindergarten and I was teaching her some basic Cantonese and French (as French is also an official language of Canada). It struck me how Katherine's work mirrored a lot of how I grew up and wondered how this would impact my own daughter. But then as I poured through the rest of her book, I realized her work lines up exactly with podcasting as well.

You need to share your voice, join the conversation, and contribute to the world's voices. As I say, there are no mistakes, just open your mouth and try because it's all a journey. If you don't try and speak up, how will you learn for the next time? Because there will always be a next time.

If that thought of a next time brings up some fear and other emotions, I'd love for you to join me on my webinar. A reminder that "Master Your Voice to Create Confidence in Your Message" is happening on March 31st. All the details to register for the free webinar are on my website. Scroll over to and on the top of the screen is a purple button for you to register for the webinar. Save your seat and I'll see you on March 31st!

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