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Not So Little Monster of YouTube Audiences
Jan 20, 2020 · 59 min
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This week we welcome a 3rd grizzled YouTube expert Matt Gielen to the Video Insiders. Matt is YouTube growth strategist and the founder of Little Monster Media Co

He has years of experience in audience development for Federator Networks as director and also VP of programming and audience development. 

Matt's been a voice of reason within the community for years and we've admired the knowledge and information that he's shared with the creator community over the years.

Episode timeline: 

  • [0:29] - Introduction of who we’re talking to this week and why we have him on the show.
  • [2:25] - Sponsor message -
  • [3:15] - Introducing Matt Gielen to the show
  • [4:45] - How Matt’s YouTube advice and insights are different from the average YouTube expert.
  • [12:19] - The biggest misconception of building audiences on YouTube
  • [14:58] - How COPPA rules will change and shift kid’s content on YouTube.
  • [26:12] - Matt’s predictions for YouTube creators in 2020.
  • [33:00] - What is “video corpus death” and can you recover from it?
  • [36:04] - Channel formats and personalities. Should we still be focussing on a single value proposition channel?
  • [42:09] - What type of content or what YouTube creators that impress Matt?
  • [51:30] - Why YouTube is lasting and standing the test of time.
  • [54:30] - Where you can reach out to Matt
  • [55:40] - Catching up with Tom and his thoughts on Carlos’s conversation with Matt.

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Podcast Music by Planets Collide and podcast editing by Joe Pacheco 

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