Can We Fix It
Can We Fix It
May 27, 2022
Fuck Your Thoughts and Prayers
Play • 15 min

This week’s episode hits a little different. There are no jokes, no co-host, no witty banter. The episode is shorter than most, and sadder. This week, Moira talks candidly about how hard it is to live in a country that cares more about the rights of gun owners than it does the rights of children to go to school without fear. This week is about reminding ourselves and our listeners that it doesn’t HAVE to be this way, but rather, living in a country with a mass shooting event every week is a distinct choice that is being made. This week, we don’t ask for subscribers or patrons or for you to testify at the Statehouse…but rather this week our question is “How?” How do we carry on waking up, packing our lunches, and heading off to work knowing that we as a society have decided that 19 dead kids is just “business as usual?” Unfortunately, we have no answers for you, but you should tune in anyway.

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