Show Up. Shut Up. Create Success.
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Jase Sanderson is the reason you never hear a cough, sneeze, or other background noise on the show. He’s been a producer, composer, and audio engineer for over 20 years.

Jase ensures the mix is perfect for every single episode of the show.

Jase Sanderson has been working in recording studios since 1997 as an engineer and producer.

He’s passionate about high quality sound, studio design, building high end audio equipment and collects vinyl records.

Jase Sanderson created to provide the ultimate in production value to the world’s best podcasts . . . including the Jordan Harbinger show . . . which gets between 11 to 13 million downloads a month . . . and it's constantly in Apple's top 50 Podcasts worldwide.

Jase has been called the godfather of audio engineering for podcasts because when he got started . . . audio production and podcasting were never spoken in the same sentence.


What We Discussed with Jase Sanderson:

  • He reveals why he doesn’t see anything he’s ever done in his life as a failure and how in his eyes . . . it's simply an upward trickle towards something which is going to take off and become huge success . . . 


  • Jase explains his 3 success secrets. Show up. Be Present and why it's best to keep your mouth shut and NOT ask anything . . .
  • Jase reveals how he got to be the audio engineer on the Jordan Harbinger Show which now gets between 11 to 13 million downloads a month. . .

  • Mastery mythology and what it means for you . . .



  • How he went from a barely generating 5-figures a year to a healthy six figures consistently and now has his sights on generating 7 figures . . .

    and much more . . . 

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