Jan 22, 2021
Is Tether a Fraud? Its Bank Says It's Not - Ep.161
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Gregory Pepin, deputy CEO of Deltec Bank and Trust, responds to allegations in a blog post by the pseudonymous Crypto Anonymous, that Tether is a "highly probably fraud." In this episode, he covers:

  • how Deltec accounts for its reserves, and why they didn't show up on Crypto Anonymous's blog post
  • where the dollars backing Tethers are held
  • how Tethers get created
  • where Tether Ltd. keeps its cash equivalents
  • why there's more demand for trading with USDT than with USD partially because of the arbitrage opportunity between East and West 
  • how Tethers get created using Deltec
  • why USDT gets minted in very round numbers as opposed to very specific numbers that USDC is minted in
  • where the cash equivalents backing Tethers are held
  • what type of due diligence Deltec conducted when it took on Tether Ltd. as a customer
  • why the perception that Tether is unregulated compared to other stablecoins is false
  • what Deltec thinks about the New York Attorney General office's investigation in to Tether
  • why Deltec has a "large position in bitcoin"


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Crypto.com: http://crypto.com


Episode links:

Gregory Pepin: https://twitter.com/dzrgreg

Deltec Bank: https://www.deltecbank.com/?locale=en


Crypto Anonymous’s Medium post: https://crypto-anonymous-2021.medium.com/the-bit-short-inside-cryptos-doomsday-machine-f8dcf78a64d3


Deltec having large position in bitcoin: https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/91353/deltec-bitcoin-position-tether


Original video in which Deltec mentions its “large position in bitcoin”: https://www.deltecbank.com/2021/01/14/a-covid-year-in-review/


Deltec banking Tether: https://www.coindesk.com/deltec-chairman-says-tether-letter-on-bank-relationship-is-authentic


Tether not audited: https://www.coindesk.com/tether-review-claims-crypto-asset-fully-backed-theres-catch


Tether says it is fully backed: https://www.coindesk.com/tether-says-its-stablecoin-is-fully-backed-again


Tether current balances: https://wallet.tether.to/transparency?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=c035d054dd287020b16d6dbb4b70398ca7a99dcb-1611253376-0-AcOsT0Zqpd8Muzw5gnkSz6KKmTrN3WAssxGX8K-p_PkeZ2SUfW9EsAr-a2EkIojYzm5-3RA_1DHxpoK579d0YgtnxMYevlVRSS7RIAKh0sgk-ORzOZUDNgg_AvZjugdrxWVjTA9dCBf1hX4X83oU3-RTjQYn_qYukdRFJUq9a89BXyyDovL3bu4ohxSSVdworOR-cdxEiPURe4ZJrGIvuW3Ej2qJLJt3RDXfX6BfDANdpkVrU6O2KB4V0Or-HJjItS0uAu-L7KrTomXNv9anUv34_An8cH3VHYfB_OD-iyIvkgOh7RHd-Xafe-SJwPnUYg


What Tether is backed by: https://wallet.tether.to/transparency?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=c035d054dd287020b16d6dbb4b70398ca7a99dcb-1611253376-0-AcOsT0Zqpd8Muzw5gnkSz6KKmTrN3WAssxGX8K-p_PkeZ2SUfW9EsAr-a2EkIojYzm5-3RA_1DHxpoK579d0YgtnxMYevlVRSS7RIAKh0sgk-ORzOZUDNgg_AvZjugdrxWVjTA9dCBf1hX4X83oU3-RTjQYn_qYukdRFJUq9a89BXyyDovL3bu4ohxSSVdworOR-cdxEiPURe4ZJrGIvuW3Ej2qJLJt3RDXfX6BfDANdpkVrU6O2KB4V0Or-HJjItS0uAu-L7KrTomXNv9anUv34_An8cH3VHYfB_OD-iyIvkgOh7RHd-Xafe-SJwPnUYg


New York Attorney General’s office press release on investigation into iFinex: https://ag.ny.gov/press-release/2019/attorney-general-james-announces-court-order-against-crypto-currency-company


CoinDesk on NYAG investigation: https://www.coindesk.com/bitfinex-ny-prosecutors-tether-850-million-allege


Link to the Crypto News Recap:


Laura Shin
Caitlin Long: Why Avanti Will Be a New Kind of Crypto Bank - Ep.216
Caitlin Long, founder and CEO of Avanti Financial Group, talks about the issues plaguing the current state of technology in traditional finance and how her background as a 22-year Wall Street veteran, gubernatorial appointee to the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force, and crypto pioneer is helping her shape Avanti into a bridge between conventional banking and crypto. Tune in to hear Caitlin discuss: * the current state of crypto adoption on Wall Street (1:09) * how her entrepreneurial spirit galvanized a career spanning Wall Street, the Wyoming Legislature, and, now, crypto banking (2:07) * why Caitlin fell in love with Bitcoin (4:57) * fractional reserves and why the current financial system is a “violation of property rights” (7:00) * how stablecoin technology will change banking leverage and what effects faster settlement times will have on inflation (11:30) * why corporate treasurers have been using BTC since 2014 in foreign exchange transactions (17:14) * what issues Wyoming is trying to solve through crypto legislation and why banks might be closing down customer accounts linked to crypto exchanges (19:18) * a proposed Wyoming bill that would prohibit judges from disclosing private cryptographic keys (28:32) * where the idea for Avanti came from and how it will be different than other banks (32:50) * existing problems with stablecoin regulation and a deep-dive into GAAP accounting for crypto (46:51) * why Wall Street’s accounting system is to blame for the GameStop and Robinhood situation (52:32) * whether or not a blockchain could work for settling securities (52:32) * her thoughts on pension funds and endowments directly owning crypto (59:54) * what it is going to take for Avanti to successfully bridge the gap between traditional finance and crypto (1:02:38) Thank you to our sponsors! Crypto.com: https://bit.ly/3jzkTAD Download the Crypto.com app here: https://crypto.onelink.me/J9Lg/laurashinpodcasttesla Square: http://square.com/go/unchained Episode links: Caitlin Long Twitter: https://twitter.com/CaitlinLong_ Personal website: https://caitlin-long.com/ CoinDesk profile: https://www.coindesk.com/most-influential/2019/caitlin-long Avanti Website: https://avantibank.com/ Twitter announcement: https://twitter.com/CaitlinLong_/status/1231958552790482950 Avit: https://www.coindesk.com/unpacking-the-avit-avanti-banks-new-digital-asset-being-built-with-blockstream Banking charter: https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaeldelcastillo/2020/10/28/avanti-unanimously-wins-bitcoin-banking-charter/?sh=50db610816aa Wyoming and blockchain: https://www.coindesk.com/haven-blockchain-case-wyoming GAAP accounting and crypto: https://twitter.com/CaitlinLong_/status/1356759511856410624 Trust charter vs. SPDI: https://twitter.com/CaitlinLong_/status/1349850451374587907 Special purpose depository institutions: https://twitter.com/CaitlinLong_/status/1194022779730968577 Bailment: https://www.forbes.com/sites/andreatinianow/2019/03/07/a-split-emerges-in-blockchain-law-wyomings-approach-versus-the-supplemental-act/?sh=49635109719a Caitlin on GameStop: https://www.coindesk.com/first-mover-crypto-gamestop-bitcoin-dogecoin Previous Episodes On How 'Utility Tokens' Are Now Legal in Wyoming, 2018 Why the ICE/BAKKT News Makes Some Crypto Investors Nervous, 2018 How Avanti Will Be a 'Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins' Bank, Feb 2020
1 hr 5 min
54 - Why DeFi is the Future | Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban needs no introduction, but the entrepreneur and Shark Tank host has an impressive depth of knowledge of the crypto space, and he has a particular ability to break complicated subjects into simple, digestible ideas. Listen as we talk DeFi, NFTs, Ethereum, and the future of finance with Mark Cuban! ------ 🚀 SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER: http://bankless.substack.com/ 🎙️ SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST: http://podcast.banklesshq.com/ ----- GO BANKLESS WITH THESE SPONSOR TOOLS: ⭐️ AAVE - BORROW OR LEND YOUR ASSETS https://bankless.cc/aave 🚀 GEMINI - MOST TRUSTED EXCHANGE AND ONRAMP https://bankless.cc/go-gemini 💳 MONOLITH - GET THE HOLY GRAIL OF BANKLESS VISA CARDS https://bankless.cc/monolith 📱 DHARMA - MOBILE ONRAMP DIRECTLY INTO DEFI https://bankless.cc/dharma ------ 📣LATTICE | NEXT GENERATION OF HARDWARE WALLETS https://bankless.cc/gridplus​ ------ Don't stop at the video! Subscribe to the Bankless newsletter program http://bankless.substack.com/ Visit the official Bankless website http://banklesshq.com/ Follow Bankless on Twitter https://twitter.com/BanklessHQ Follow Ryan on Twitter https://twitter.com/ryansadams Follow David on Twitter https://twitter.com/TrustlessState ----- Not financial or tax advice. This channel is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. This video is not tax advice. Talk to your accountant. Do your own research. Disclosure. From time-to-time I may add links in this newsletter to products I use. I may receive commission if you make a purchase through one of these links. Additionally, the Bankless writers hold crypto assets. See our investment disclosures here: https://newsletter.banklesshq.com/p/bankless-disclosures
1 hr 40 min
Epicenter - Learn about Crypto, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Distributed Technologies
Epicenter - Learn about Crypto, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Distributed Technologies
Epicenter Media Ltd.
Tieshun Roquerre: Namebase – Decentralizing DNS and Certificate Authorities
Namebase is a top-level domain (TLD) name registrar that operates on the Handshake blockchain. It creates an ecosystem of TLDs that may be bought and sold using an on-chain auction mechanism. It takes a different approach to other decentralized domain name systems as Namebase is compatible with the ICANN namespace, the organization governs domain names globally. Users may register TLDs that don't yet exist in the ICANN namespace, like .epicenter or .ethereum, for example, creating the opportunity for new niche domain registrars to emerge. Tieshun Roquerre, CEO of Namebase, joins us to discuss his vision for Namebase and his ambitious goal to decentralize ICANN. Topics covered in this episode: * Tieshun's background and how he got into crypto * Why and how Namebase was created and its relationship to Handshake * Domain name systems on blockchain * The history of ICANN and how it functions * Domain name censorship and security issues surrounding certificate authorities * How are they preparing for the inevitable fork between ICANN and Handshake * Namebase and Handshake improve on DNS and certificate authorities * Namebase's business model and roadmap Episode links: * Namebase * Handshake * Namebase on Twitter * Tieshun on Twitter This episode is hosted by Sebastien Couture & Sunny Aggarwal. Show notes and listening options: epicenter.tv/380
1 hr 24 min
What Bitcoin Did
What Bitcoin Did
Peter McCormack
The Nation State Case for Bitcoin with Balaji Srinivasan
“It’s basically the best investment of all time, and I have a feeling it’s not going settle down for a while. I mean, it could go to $1 million, even $10 million... $ 1million is no longer a crazy number to put out there for bitcoin.” — Balaji Srinivasan Location: Remotely Date: Friday 19th February Company: balajis.com Role: Angel Investor & Entrepreneur The corporate adoption of bitcoin has widely defined the last 12 months for bitcoin. Following Michael Saylor’s watershed move, companies such as Tesla and Square have been adding bitcoin to their treasuries. Many see the next logical step as nation-states adding bitcoin to their reserves. While some countries like Estonia and Malta have been very open to bitcoin, a large number still, at least publicly, have a less welcoming stance. The Indian government recently announced its intention to ban ‘private’ cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, fearing adoption would threaten national security and create a capital outflow from the country. Balaji Srinivasan thinks this is the wrong move and put forward the opposite case in his recent article Why India Should Buy Bitcoin. In this interview, we discuss the benefits to a nation-state adopting bitcoin, why India are the perfect first mover and the demise of Silicon Valley. This episode’s sponsors: Kraken - The best place to buy, sell & trade Bitcoin BlockFi - The future of Bitcoin financial services Sportsbet.io - Online sportsbook & casino that accepts Bitcoin Casa - The leading provider of Bitcoin multisig key security. Exodus - The world's leading Desktop, Mobile and Hardware crypto wallets. Ledger - State of the art Bitcoin hardware wallet ----- WBD316 - Show Notes ----- If you enjoy The What Bitcoin Did Podcast you can help support the show by doing the following: Become a Patron and get access to shows early or help contribute Make a tip: Bitcoin: 3FiC6w7eb3dkcaNHMAnj39ANTAkv8Ufi2S QR Codes: Bitcoin If you do send a tip then please email me so that I can say thank you Subscribe on iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | SoundCloud | YouTube | Deezer | TuneIn | RSS Feed Leave a review on iTunes Share the show and episodes with your friends and family Subscribe to the newsletter on my website Follow me on Twitter Personal | Twitter Podcast | Instagram | Medium | YouTube If you are interested in sponsoring the show, you can read more about that here or please feel free to drop me an email to discuss options.
1 hr 47 min
The Scoop
The Scoop
The Block
Bloomberg's ETF whisperer says the SEC could approve a BTC ETF
Regulators in Canada approved two bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in recent days, marking the first approvals of their kind for North America. Since launch, the products have seen considerable inflows. With the demand for a bitcoin ETF now proven, many wonder what a Canadian approval could mean for a U.S. offering.  The Scoop spoke with Eric Balchunas, a senior ETF analyst at Bloomberg, about what an approved bitcoin ETF means for the landscape. During this week's episode Balchunas broke down the winding road to approval and why Canada was always likely to be a first. Now that Canada has its BTC ETFs, he argued that an approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is just around the corner. "I think it's just a matter of the SEC coming around, and then once they come around mentally, I imagine it will happen pretty quickly," he said. "But again, I'm not in that bubble. I'm not a regulatory analyst. That's just my sense from talking to people." How Canada has historically been a proving ground for novel financial products. The differences and similarities in the Canadian and U.S. approval processes. Why Balchunas thinks 2021 will be the year of a U.S. BTC ETF approval. Why it's only a matter of time before a meme ETF launches. This episode is brought to you by Kraken Whether you’re an experienced crypto trader or just starting out, Kraken has the tools to help you achieve financial freedom. With 50+ cryptocurrencies to choose from, industry-leading security and a wide variety of features to suit any investing strategy, Kraken puts the power in your hands to buy, sell and trade digital assets. Visit Kraken.com to get started today.
38 min
The Pomp Podcast
The Pomp Podcast
Anthony Pompliano
#503: Marcus Swanepoel on Crypto in Emerging Markets
Marcus Swanepoel is co-founder and CEO of Luno, a leading global cryptocurrency company on a mission to upgrade the world to a better financial system. In this conversation, we discuss emerging markets financial infrastructure, myths of emerging markets, technology strategies vs distribution strategies, regulatory environments, and the DCG acquisition.  ======================= Own crypto in multiple exchanges and wallets? Sync them to CoinStats so you track and manage them from one place. Track 8000+ coins and 300+ exchanges all from the Coinstats platform. Try it for free or go to coinstats.app/pomp and get 40% off your premium subscription. ======================= As one of the largest and oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the world, Kraken is consistently named one of the best places to buy and sell crypto online, thanks to our excellent service, low fees, versatile funding options and rigorous security standards -- but this is only part of the story. We’ve been on the forefront of the blockchain revolution since 2011: http://www.kraken.com ======================= Coinbase Wallets are adding support for .crypto and .zil domains through their partnership with Unstoppable Domains. Unstoppable Domains provides an all-in-one solution for blockchain domains. You can send money using these new domains instead of long Bitcoin wallet addresses, while also storing your domain in Coinbase's collectibles section. Go to unstoppabledomains.com in the dapp browser to register and manage your domains.  =======================
50 min
CoinDesk Reports
CoinDesk Reports
BORDERLESS: How Bitcoin Is Becoming a Lifeline for Cubans
This week on Borderless, tech reporter Leigh Cuen speaks with data analyst and entrepreneur Boaz Sobrado about how bitcoin became relevant to him when he had to use it at his e-commerce company.  With the changes in the U.S. presidential administration in 2016 and the strict regulations that followed it became harder to bank in Cuba. Processing payments and conducting proper international transactions were causing his company to bleed money. So Boaz turned to bitcoin to move money in and out of the country safely and provide commerce to Cuban communities.  However, bitcoin adoption in Cuba turned out to be harder than he thought. Due to COVID-19, Cuba is undergoing the worst economic crisis since the 1990s. At that time Cuba’s economic structure was so atrocious that portions of its population suffered from hunger. Boaz says, “We aren’t there yet” that it isn’t as bad as the crisis of the 1990s. However, with Western Union remittance rates going down there is less and less money in the country. This has caused inflation to rise and product delivery to the country of Cuba to become more difficult.  Listen as Sobrado discusses the informal peer-to-peer development of the cryptocurrency markets in Cuba and how the internet penetration in Cuba is accelerating bitcoin adoption.   Did you enjoy the show? We would love to hear what you think. Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or your preferred service and talk to us directly via email at borderless@coindesk.com.
25 min
Tales from the Crypt: A Bitcoin Podcast
Tales from the Crypt: A Bitcoin Podcast
Marty Bent
Rabbit Hole Recap: Bitcoin Week of 2021.02.22
This week Marty and Matt discuss: - Taproot LOT OF LOTS  - BitPay Sanctions Violations  - Bitfinex and Tether settle with NY AG without admitting fault  - MicroStrategy bought another ~19.5k bitcoin for a ~$1.03B, they now hold 90.5k bitcoin  - Square quarterly earnings  - Coinbase discloses number ahead of Nasdaq listing  - Teleport Transactions CoinSwap implementation  - Arthur Hayes emerges  - Specter v1.2.0  - Onion Share v2.3  - RTL v0.10.1  - Hexa Wallet v1.4.5  - Samourai Dojo v1.9.0  - MyNode v0.2.27  - Sparrow Wallet v1.2.0  - Blockstream Green adds encryption to wallet metadata  - River raised $17.3M  - BottlePay raised $15.5M  - Can Governments Stop Bitcoin?  - BitMEX provides third grant for Michael Ford Shoutout to this week's sponsors. Cash App. Start #stackingsats today. Use the promo code: "stackingsats" to receive $10 and contribute $10 to OWLS Lacrosse when you download the app. Unchained Capital. Check out their white glove vault concierge service that will take you from zero to secure multisig setup in no time. Use the code TFTC and receive $50 off that package that includes 2 Trezor Model Ts and $1,000 in your vault. HodlHodl. Lend at Hodl Hodl is a new non-custodial bitcoin backed lending platform, that allows peer to peer lending and borrowing between users, globally, anonymously & on your own terms. Create you offers & set your own terms on lend.hodlhodl.com
1 hr 52 min
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