Is faith about belief or trust? And why does it matter? Travis Dickinson vs Brian Blais (+ Ben Jacobs of Genexis)
Jul 26, 2019 · 1 hr 29 min
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Mark Twain wrote ‘Faith is believing what you know ain’t so’. Travis Dickinson, co-author of ‘Stand Firm: Apologetics and the Brilliance of the Gospel’, says that both Christians and atheists often adopt a faulty definition of faith. It is less about beliefs, and more about ventured trust on the basis of evidence.

He engages with Brian Blais, an atheist physicist, who recently published a paper on faith, probability and evidence, arguing that faith is a bad epistemology (way of knowing things).

Later in the show Justin interviews ben Jacobs about Genexis, a series of talks at Coventry Cathedral from well known speakers on the big questions of life https://www.genexis.org/ 

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