May 22, 2020
Episode 126: JP Price
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JP Price-

Owner of Strong Barbell Club in Kansas City.  JP has quickly become one of close friends in the midwest.  His gym recently underwent some major renovation during the shutdown.  We discussed a lot of topics and had a great time chatting as always.  


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MetFlex and Chill
MetFlex and Chill
Rachel Gregory
#100 - How To Choose The Best Protein Sources: Top 6 Questions To Ask Yourself
To learn more and apply to work one-on-one with Rachel, visit her website: Join Rachel’s weekly newsletter: In this episode, Rachel dives into six questions to ask yourself when it comes to protein sources, how to better understand protein quality, comparing plant proteins to animal proteins, complementary proteins, and much more! "Just because you can combine incomplete plant protein sources to get complete proteins, it doesn't mean that they're now equal in quality and bioavailability to animal proteins." Rachel Gregory Today's Question: * Can you explain the difference in the quality of protein in foods? I've noticed some nutrition content contains the number of grams of protein and a percentage and then some do not. * What does ‘grams’ of protein mean when it comes to weight vs. composition? Top Takeaways: * How to understand and ‘score’ protein on the bioavailability index scale a.k.a how easily your body breaks down and absorbs different protein sources * Six questions to ask yourself when choosing protein * Nutrient-dense foods: plants vs. animals and organ meats * 90/10 Protein Rule and how to incorporate this into macro counting Show Notes: * [0:00] Welcome back to MetFlex and Chill! We have reached 100 Episodes! Thank you!! * [0:30] Today’s episode is all things protein! * [1:30] Shout out to Ketobrick and Livesavage Apparel for being a MetFlex and Chill Podcast Sponsor for February! * [2:30] If you’re interested in Ketobrick meal replacement bars or Livesavage Apparel check them out HERE! * [3:30] Question: Can you explain the difference in the quality of protein in foods? I've noticed some nutrition content contains the number of grams of protein and a percentage and then some do not. * [4:00] Amino Acids: Non Essential and Essential * [6:30] Essential Amino Acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine * [7:00] #1 Is it a complete or incomplete protein? * [9:00] Complementary proteins * [9:30] #2 How bioavailable is this protein to my body? * [14:00] #3 How calorie-dense is this protein source for the amount I’m getting? * [21:00] Nutrient Density Chart * [21:30] #5 Does the protein come from a whole food, quality source? * [22:00] Whole vs. processed protein sources * [26:30] Episode 43: All Things PROTEIN with Shawn Wells * [27:00] Conventional vs. grass fed vs. grass finished protein * [30:00] Wild caught vs. farm raised fish * [33:00] #6 How much leucine does the protein source have? * [37:30] Nose to tail and benefits to supplementing with collagen * [39:30] Question: What does ‘grams’ of protein mean when it comes to weight vs. composition? * [42:00] Thank you again to Ketobrick meal replacement bars or Livesavage Apparel for sponsoring February episodes! Check them out HERE! * [42:30] If you're enjoying the show share it out by screenshotting an episode and tagging @rachelgregory.cns or leave a review on itunes to help grow the show! THINGS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: * Thank you to Ketobrick and Livesavage Apparel for being a MetFlex and Chill Podcast Sponsor for February! * The Ultimate Protein Cheat Sheet * Nutrient Density Chart * Episode 43: All Things PROTEIN with Shawn Wells * It Takes Guts: A Meat-Eater's Guide to Eating Offal with over 75 Healthy and Delicious Nose-to-Tail Recipes --- Join the FREE MetFLex Life Course: Rachel Gregory (@rachelgregory.cns) is a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Author of the best-selling book, 21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge. She received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology from James Madison University and Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Miami. Rachel helps her clients transform their lives by starting with the physical (body), realizing the power of the mental (mindset), and ultimately gaining massive confidence that bleeds into every aspect of their lives (family, relationships, work, etc.).
43 min
Team Never Quit
Team Never Quit
Marcus Luttrell and Andrew Brockenbush
Sam Bonilla: 24 Year Police Veteran, US Marine, Attorney, and Program Director for the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy
If ever there was a man who exemplified what a first-class police officer is, it’s this week’s guest, Sam Bonilla. It’s refreshing to hear Sam’s view of police work, and the measures he takes to teach new recruits the discipline and self-sacrifice it takes to be such an officer. In his 34 years’ experience as a police officer in the Chicago area, Sam has become the Program Director for the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy, a Master Firearms Instructor, and uses his extensive experience to benefit the relationship between civilians and police officers in his area of influence. Sam Bonilla also served as a U.S. Marine during the Gulf War and has been an attorney for over 16 years. It’s people like Sam that raise the bar in police work, community relations and raising the standard for new officers.   In this episode you will hear:   In our police department, we invite the community in our “home” to see exactly what we do, so it’s not a mystery. We introduce our police officers and the citizens learn we’re pretty normal. Our mission is to help. You don’t realize how bad an environment is when you grow up in that environment. Where you land is not necessarily where you’re going to end up. The Marine Corps is the first thing in my life I ever succeeded at. Never stop pushing for what you want, even if it sucks at the time. There are things you have to do to get to where you want to be. Your mission’s not over yet. You have to keep moving forward in your journey. Your experiences will eventually help you gravitate to the top. The only regret I have is not spending time with the family. Police officers are second-guessing themselves these days because of the way things are.   If we, as a profession, don’t adapt to society, we will never advance as a profession, and things will not get better. Police work is a profession that is self-sacrificing. You have to be willing to accept that. You can’t forget why you got into this profession. You don’t know how you’re changing someone’s life with just a smile. My calling is to focus on our civilians that are trying to learn more about the police and the recruits that are trying to be the police. Never stop serving. It’s your mission in life to keep going.
1 hr 34 min
E206: Marcus Leoni :Tren, Permanence and Morality
Join us for this week's episode of RX’D Radio where Dr. Jordan Shallow is joined by Marcus Leoni for a rather deep and introspective chat about drugs, politics, morality and the meaning of life. Marcus is a Powerlifter and member of the Hybrid Performance team down in Miami, Florida. The duo discusses everything from Tren to “the weeds”, and the differing moral considerations behind recreational and performance-enhancing drug use. Outlining some of their experience within the strength and coaching industries, we are given insight into the often poor choices that are made surrounding the use of PEDs, and some considerations to make prior to partaking. Touching on political and religious views, the conversation takes a deeper turn towards the meaning of human existence. Shallow and Marcus discuss Nihilism, the caveats to this belief and what this means for the greater purpose of human existence. At the end of the day the boys bring it back to the choices you can make to forge better human connection, create greater impact in the world around you and leave a mark on human history. Marcus’s Media: Instagram: @marcus.leoni Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list for the upcoming release of RX’D Programming! For other strength training, health, and injury prevention resources, check out our website, YouTube channel, and Instagram. For more episodes, subscribe and tune in to our podcast. Also make sure to sign up to our mailing list at to get the first updates on new programming releases. You can also follow Dr. Jordan Shallow and Dr. Jordan Jiunta on Instagram!
1 hr 24 min
Mike Drop
Mike Drop
Mike Ritland
Episode 68: A God-Fearing DEVGRU Man with Bill Rapier
The Duality of Service when completing 10 combat deployments with development group, all while being a staunch Christian is delicate yet impressive balance. I had the honor of sitting down with AMTAC shooting owner Bill Rapier, where we discussed his time serving in one of the most prestigious units in existence, growing up overseas, his family and faith, and living off the grid in Northern Idaho. Super interesting life of one hell of a warrior. Sponsored by @jockofuel, @projectwarpath, @resiliencecbd, and @heartbeat_hotsauce. ---------- Table of Timestamps: 0:00 - Show Start 8:30 - Starting the Day 26:00 - Germany, Year 5 33:30 - Fighting at San Jose 29:50 - Culture Jock 44:45 - Military Aspirations 54:30 - The Lord & The Carpenter 1:00:15 - Sniper School 1:11:00 - Black Hawk Down 1:17:30 - Two Deployments in Iraq 1:25:45 - Eight Deployments in Afghanistan 1:35:00 - Going Hot 1:46:00 - Dog Days 1:58:30 - Religious Extremists 2:05:30 - Killing In the Name Of 2:11:00 - Big Picture People 2:27:30 - General Thinking 2:34:30 - AMTAC Shooting 2:50:15 - AMTAC Blades 2:56:30 - Preferred Carry 3:04:30 - Homesteading 3:17:30 - Off-Grid Parenting 3:19:30 - In Conclusion ---------- To find out more about Bill, check out his website at or follow him on Instagram at ---------- Support our sponsors: Origin Labs | | @ORIGIN USA --- Project Warpath | | @ProjectWarpath Get 15% off your next purchase with Promo Code MIKEDROP15 at --- Resilience CBD | | @resiliencecbd --- Heartbeat Hot Sauce | | @heartbeat_hotsauce Get 20% off your next purchase with Promo Code MIKEDROP at --- Apparel, accessories, protection dogs, and online training at Online dog training | Team Dog Facebook | @TeamDog Training Books, Blog, Media and more from Mike Ritland at
3 hr 29 min
The Froglogic Podcast
The Froglogic Podcast
Team Froglogic
Froglogic Podcast EP #62 Mike Fullilove - COO Deliver Fund - Hunting Human Traffickers - Former Navy SEAL
The Froglogic Podcast is proud to welcome former Navy SEAL, and now COO of Deliver Fund, Michael Fullilove to this week's show. Mike served for 20 years within the SEAL Teams with 5 combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He now spends his valuable time hunting down human traffickers in the United States. The Deliver Fund is comprised of former CIA, NSA, and Special Operations members whose new mission is to save modern day slaves from the absolute evils perpetrated by traffickers. There are currently somewhere between 100,000 - 150,000 trafficked human beings in America alone. The average trafficked child is sold for sex on an average of 5.4 times a day. Listen to Mike as he explains this national emergency in detailed fashion. Rut also asks Mike about his past career and how he ended up saving lives for a living. This is one of the most important shows Rut has ever done. Please listen closely and then send the link to your friends. Once you've processed the magnitude of this global epidemic, then Rut and everyone at Team Froglogic asks that you  go to and donate anything you can to support this effort. This is happening in your town. It's time to do something.  *Editorial NOTE* Rut stated that Deliver Fund founding member Nic McKinley was a Paramilitary Case Officer for the CIA. The Froglogic Podcast would like to apologize and make a correction. Mr. McKinley was NOT a PMCO for the CIA. Sorry for the mistake.  Award-winning Podcast Host, David Rutherford ignites his Froglogic Podcast by answering life's greatest questions regarding the human condition. Listen to this former Navy SEAL Medic, CIA Contractor, best-selling author, and World Series Champion motivational performance coach, give his unique and profound insight about the world as he sees it. For more information about David please visit or to seek out your truth please visit his online training company at You can also find David Rutherford on LinkedIn.  --- Support this podcast:
1 hr 49 min
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