Nov 29, 2019
Episode 103: Runar Geirmundsson
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Runar Geirmundsson-

Runar has been a friend since I have been coming to Iceland.  He is now coaching at Thor's Power Gym.  He is also a world champion powerlifter and one of Icelands strongest lifters.  We caught up and talked about everything awesome he has going on.  Like his brother Heisi, Runar is a funny guy.   Sponsors: Hybrid Performance Method: use code UMSO and save on subscription HVIII BRAND GOODS : code UMSO saves 10% PowerDot (Smart Muscle Stem unit): Code UMSO saves 10% SLINGSHOT: Code UMSO saves 15% off slingshot products

MetFlex and Chill
MetFlex and Chill
Rachel Gregory
#100 - How To Choose The Best Protein Sources: Top 6 Questions To Ask Yourself
To learn more and apply to work one-on-one with Rachel, visit her website: Join Rachel’s weekly newsletter: In this episode, Rachel dives into six questions to ask yourself when it comes to protein sources, how to better understand protein quality, comparing plant proteins to animal proteins, complementary proteins, and much more! "Just because you can combine incomplete plant protein sources to get complete proteins, it doesn't mean that they're now equal in quality and bioavailability to animal proteins." Rachel Gregory Today's Question: * Can you explain the difference in the quality of protein in foods? I've noticed some nutrition content contains the number of grams of protein and a percentage and then some do not. * What does ‘grams’ of protein mean when it comes to weight vs. composition? Top Takeaways: * How to understand and ‘score’ protein on the bioavailability index scale a.k.a how easily your body breaks down and absorbs different protein sources * Six questions to ask yourself when choosing protein * Nutrient-dense foods: plants vs. animals and organ meats * 90/10 Protein Rule and how to incorporate this into macro counting Show Notes: * [0:00] Welcome back to MetFlex and Chill! We have reached 100 Episodes! Thank you!! * [0:30] Today’s episode is all things protein! * [1:30] Shout out to Ketobrick and Livesavage Apparel for being a MetFlex and Chill Podcast Sponsor for February! * [2:30] If you’re interested in Ketobrick meal replacement bars or Livesavage Apparel check them out HERE! * [3:30] Question: Can you explain the difference in the quality of protein in foods? I've noticed some nutrition content contains the number of grams of protein and a percentage and then some do not. * [4:00] Amino Acids: Non Essential and Essential * [6:30] Essential Amino Acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine * [7:00] #1 Is it a complete or incomplete protein? * [9:00] Complementary proteins * [9:30] #2 How bioavailable is this protein to my body? * [14:00] #3 How calorie-dense is this protein source for the amount I’m getting? * [21:00] Nutrient Density Chart * [21:30] #5 Does the protein come from a whole food, quality source? * [22:00] Whole vs. processed protein sources * [26:30] Episode 43: All Things PROTEIN with Shawn Wells * [27:00] Conventional vs. grass fed vs. grass finished protein * [30:00] Wild caught vs. farm raised fish * [33:00] #6 How much leucine does the protein source have? * [37:30] Nose to tail and benefits to supplementing with collagen * [39:30] Question: What does ‘grams’ of protein mean when it comes to weight vs. composition? * [42:00] Thank you again to Ketobrick meal replacement bars or Livesavage Apparel for sponsoring February episodes! Check them out HERE! * [42:30] If you're enjoying the show share it out by screenshotting an episode and tagging @rachelgregory.cns or leave a review on itunes to help grow the show! THINGS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: * Thank you to Ketobrick and Livesavage Apparel for being a MetFlex and Chill Podcast Sponsor for February! * The Ultimate Protein Cheat Sheet * Nutrient Density Chart * Episode 43: All Things PROTEIN with Shawn Wells * It Takes Guts: A Meat-Eater's Guide to Eating Offal with over 75 Healthy and Delicious Nose-to-Tail Recipes --- Join the FREE MetFLex Life Course: Rachel Gregory (@rachelgregory.cns) is a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Author of the best-selling book, 21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge. She received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology from James Madison University and Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Miami. Rachel helps her clients transform their lives by starting with the physical (body), realizing the power of the mental (mindset), and ultimately gaining massive confidence that bleeds into every aspect of their lives (family, relationships, work, etc.).
43 min
The Revive Stronger Podcast
The Revive Stronger Podcast
Revive Stronger
187: The Improvement Season - Signs that you have bad Genetics
We're back with another episode in which we talk about signs that you have bad Genetics, burnout & overtraining and if we have any regrets of not doing any other sport outside of bodybuilding? Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 02:17 Update on Steve's training and all 07:16 Update on Pascal 13:23 Overtraining and burnout? 19:16 Volume increase but systemic limit 23:17 Gym reopening 27:46 Would we still go to the gym if we had a proper home gym? 35:56 Any regrets of not doing any other sport outside of bodybuilding? 50:31 What are signs of bad genetics? Thanks, please comment, like and subscribe! COACHING: MEMBERSITE: WEBSITE: MINI CUT MOVEMENT: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: NEWSLETTER: YOUTUBE: __________________________________________________________________ If you want to support us via a donation, that's highly appreciated! Patreon • Don't like Patreon, go to Paypal! • __________________________________________________________________ Our Ebooks! Ultimate Guide To Contest Prep Ebook: • Primer Phase Ebook: • __________________________________________________________________ Stay up to date with the latest research and educate yourself! MASS (Research Review): • RP+ Membership: • JPS Mentorship • __________________________________________________________________ Books we recommend! Muscle & Strength Pyramids • RP Books • RP + Members site • For more • __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ When you're interested in online coaching, please go visit our website and follow the application form:
1 hr 5 min
Married With Horses
Married With Horses
Jackie and Lane Jatzlau
MwH 126: TC Long
This episode with of Married With Horses is with our good friend TC Long. TC is a jack of all trades when it comes to western sports. He announces all sorts of events and has for years. He got his start with Booger Barter in the mid-00’s and has been going strong ever since. He produces barrel races (Elite Barrel Racing) and rodeos. He also has a monogramming business called Rodeo Monogram Shop that, you guessed it, works with rodeo folks (and others) producing hats, jackets, sponsor shirts, etc. This guy really has his hand in a lot of things. If he wasn’t busy enough, he and his wife Christie are new parents to a 5-month old little boy. We’ve known him for years and years and really think highly of him. Should’ve had him on here WAY earlier, but better late than never! Life is short. Ride a Unicorn! Please SUBSCRIBE to the podcast and be sure to RATE and REVIEW the show as well on your podcast app of choice (5-STARS!!!). You can catch us on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, and all the others! Also, be sure to go and FOLLOW our Socials! * INSTAGRAM * FACEBOOK EQUIFEST OF KANSAS! - MORE INFO HERE!! Show Partner Info: * BLUEBONNET FEEDS: Click the “Where To Buy” button on the top of their page to find out where you can get your Bluebonnet Feed! Also on! * STRIDE ANIMAL HEALTH:Use code MWH14 at checkout to get 5% of the entire line of Stride Products! * J2 VIRTUAL COACHING: Click here to SIGN UP for VIRTUAL BARREL RACING COACHING today!
1 hr 54 min
Mark Bell's Power Project
Mark Bell's Power Project
Mark Bell
EP. 490 - Keto Bodybuilder Robert Sikes
Robert Sikes is the “Keto Savage”. Robert is the creator and founder of, and is the host of the Keto Savage Podcast & YouTube Channel. Robert is a lifetime natural bodybuilder, and coaching athletes and everyday people to help them become keto adapted and live their best life. He is also the creator of the Keto Brick. A delicious Keto Snack that is shelf stable, high in energy providing calories, and perfect for those following a keto diet, athletes and other high performers, and outdoor enthusiasts. It is the performance brick compared to the snack bar. Subscribe to the NEW Power Project Newsletter! ➢ Subscribe to the Podcast on on Platforms! ➢ Special perks for our listeners below! ➢LMNT Electrolytes: ➢Piedmontese Beef: Use Code "POWERPROJECT" at checkout for 25% off your order plus FREE 2-Day Shipping on orders of $99 ➢Sling Shot: Enter Discount code, "POWERPROJECT" at checkout and receive 15% off all Sling Shots Follow Mark Bell's Power Project Podcast ➢ Insta: ➢ ➢ Twitter: ➢ LinkedIn: ➢ YouTube: ➢TikTok: FOLLOW Mark Bell ➢ Instagram: ➢ Facebook: ➢ Twitter: ➢ Snapchat: marksmellybell ➢Mark Bell's Daily Workouts, Nutrition and More: Follow Nsima Inyang ➢ Instagram: Podcast Produced by Andrew Zaragoza ➢ Instagram: #PowerProject #Podcast #MarkBell
1 hr 28 min
The Froglogic Podcast
The Froglogic Podcast
Team Froglogic
Froglogic Podcast EP #62 Mike Fullilove - COO Deliver Fund - Hunting Human Traffickers - Former Navy SEAL
The Froglogic Podcast is proud to welcome former Navy SEAL, and now COO of Deliver Fund, Michael Fullilove to this week's show. Mike served for 20 years within the SEAL Teams with 5 combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He now spends his valuable time hunting down human traffickers in the United States. The Deliver Fund is comprised of former CIA, NSA, and Special Operations members whose new mission is to save modern day slaves from the absolute evils perpetrated by traffickers. There are currently somewhere between 100,000 - 150,000 trafficked human beings in America alone. The average trafficked child is sold for sex on an average of 5.4 times a day. Listen to Mike as he explains this national emergency in detailed fashion. Rut also asks Mike about his past career and how he ended up saving lives for a living. This is one of the most important shows Rut has ever done. Please listen closely and then send the link to your friends. Once you've processed the magnitude of this global epidemic, then Rut and everyone at Team Froglogic asks that you  go to and donate anything you can to support this effort. This is happening in your town. It's time to do something.  *Editorial NOTE* Rut stated that Deliver Fund founding member Nic McKinley was a Paramilitary Case Officer for the CIA. The Froglogic Podcast would like to apologize and make a correction. Mr. McKinley was NOT a PMCO for the CIA. Sorry for the mistake.  Award-winning Podcast Host, David Rutherford ignites his Froglogic Podcast by answering life's greatest questions regarding the human condition. Listen to this former Navy SEAL Medic, CIA Contractor, best-selling author, and World Series Champion motivational performance coach, give his unique and profound insight about the world as he sees it. For more information about David please visit or to seek out your truth please visit his online training company at You can also find David Rutherford on LinkedIn.  --- Support this podcast:
1 hr 49 min
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