001: The Ultimate Baby Podcast Is Born
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Welcome to The Ultimate Baby Podcast!

My motherhood journey has just begun after going through a natural pregnancy and home birth. I have learned (and will continue to learn) so much along the way and I'm excited to share this information with you in a brand new podcast!

My approach is natural and holistic. I will be covering a variety of topics from optimizing fertility, diet and supplements during pregnancy, alternative interventions, the benefits and challenges of breastfeeding, building a birth team and so much more.

My goal is empower and educate you and help you raise the ultimate baby!

Highlights from this episode:

  • How to navigate your way through a natural pregnancy & childbirth
  • My transition from running a cooking studio to cohosting The Ultimate Health Podcast
  • Getting diagnosed with Hashimoto’s & changing my diet
  • I always knew I wanted to be a Mom
  • I started my motherhood journey with our 1st baby girl, Goji our dog
  • Transforming our whole lifestyle to a simpler, more balanced life
  • Jesse & I got married in 2018
  • The steps Jesse & I took before trying to conceive (TTC)
  • After having an amazing pregnancy & childbirth experience I wanted to share my message
  • Focusing the new podcast on a natural & holistic perspective
  • There is no right or wrong answer, choose what works best for you
  • I’m currently 12 weeks postpartum on my parenting journey
  • Sarelle Jolie (our beautiful baby girl) is the inspiration behind The Ultimate Baby Podcast
Upcoming episode topics will include:
  • What to eat before, during and after giving birth
  • Vegetarian pregnancy vs. the benefits of including animal proteins
  • Foods & herbs to eat and the ones to avoid
  • Fertility tips & trying to conceive (TTC)
  • Pregnancy & childbirth interventions
  • Navigating pregnancy with an autoimmune disease
  • What supplements to take before, during and after giving birth
  • The best Mom & baby products
  • How to set up a non-toxic nursery
  • Skincare products to use during pregnancy & postpartum
  • The importance of exercise, movement & pelvic floor therapy
  • Debunking the myths for predicting the baby's gender
  • Challenges that come up during pregnancy
  • The different stages of pregnancy & beyond (trimester 1 to 4)
  • Preparing for a natural childbirth
  • Breastfeeding tips & lactation support
  • Stocking your freezer with nourishing foods for the postpartum period
  • Should you eat your placenta?!
  • Partner & birth team support for labour and delivery
  • How to overcome your fears around childbirth
  • Epidurals, c-sections & preparing for the unexpected

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