Reframing Selfish
In this episode we'll expand on our last episode about wanting more, wanting something new or different from the status quo, while simultaneously being grateful for what we have already, exploring a new perspective on the concept of being Selfish." We ll discuss why it is important to reframe, undefine and redefine the meaning of selfish, and how making the shift to lean into a deeper relationship with ourselves rather than hold the status quo of focusing on the external offers us expansion. We ll talk about: What being selfish has meant to us culturally and historically Understanding Selfish vs self-centered (egocentric) Our relationship with self in the context of integrity, balance, and self-love Making the SHIFT to reframe selfish, cultivating a deeper relationship with self This collective cultural shift begins with each of us individually. Being in a relationship with ourselves is the foundation for all our other relationships. If we are not in tune with ourselves or understand what it is that we need, how can we build relationships that are cultivating true human connection? Trish and Diane share their own personal experiences and offer some tips for us to make the individual shift from a judgement mindset to one of self-compassion and self-awareness. This is how we shift the collective. It all begins and ends with us! Let s do this together!
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