Episode 16 - Attuning to our Natural Intelligence

If there is one thing that the last two years has highlighted for us, it is that as a society, at least in Western culture as we know it, we have been detached from our natural way of being.  


Collectively speaking, we have disconnected from nature, viewing it separate from us.  


We've become insulated from nature, from our Earth because we've become so reliant on things being provided for us, instantly, and we have - consciously or unconsciously - been part of that system contributing to our own disconnect from nature.


We talk on the SHIFT often; change begins with us as individuals.


First comes new awareness, a deeper truth, a new idea... and then what? 


It is integrating the awareness that brings us real change. It's our individual actions that create a greater shift for raising our collective consciousness, for the evolution of our humanity. 


So, what is it that we envision for humanity?


What do we envision for a more beautiful world?


What does it mean to come back into our natural intelligence?


We are asking these questions on this episode of the shift and what it means to move from awareness to taking personal responsibility for positive change.


It’s another episode you don’t want to miss!


The SHIFT starts now!




On the SHIFT, we use multiple perspectives to effect positive change within ourselves and our communities.  We create a reframe on traditionally accepted norms to generate personal freedom, empowerment, self-love and self-care.  We discover new wisdom and learnings by stretching our existing understanding of social protocols, health and spiritual practices, personal belief systems, celebrations and cultural influences.


Viewing life through multiple perspectives helps us find new tools and teachings that can support us in healing, in understanding ourselves better, and realizing the potential in our self-actualization. As we journey through perspective, we learn ways to reclaim our power from where we have historically given it away.





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