Ep. 30 - The Deliberate Pause

When we started his show, we did so unattached to any particular outcome other than to spark thought and contemplation around a broader perspective; how a shift in perspective can affect meaningful change in our lives - individually and collectively speaking.


Fast forward to a year and a half into the SHIFT - 30 episodes! - and we want to be more intentional with the direction we are headed, for ourselves and our growing listening community.


Sometimes in order to move forward with intention,  we need to pause, purposefully... being present in that pause, so we can move forward with  deepening purpose and impact.  


And if you have been tuning in, you'll know a primary thread woven into our message has always been taking the time to reflect and understand what we are doing, how we are operating in our day-to-day lives and why we are doing it - or are we upholding the status quo simply because it's what we have always done... perhaps because it is easier than being a bit uncomfortable with something we have never done before.



The more we can understand ourselves, the better equipped we are to navigate these times of constant change.  However, we need to carve out time in order to apply the wisdom gleaned along the way.


On this episode we will expand on all of that and more... and how we're taking some of our own advice too.


You don't want to miss this one!


Our power to change collectively begins and ends with each of us individually, so let's do this together!






On the SHIFT, we use multiple perspectives to effect positive change within ourselves and our communities.  We create a reframe on traditionally accepted norms to generate personal freedom, empowerment, self-love and self-care.  We discover new wisdom and learnings by stretching our existing understanding of social protocols, health and spiritual practices, personal belief systems, celebrations and cultural influences.


Viewing life through multiple perspectives helps us find new tools and teachings that can support us in healing, in understanding ourselves better, and realizing the potential in our self-actualization. As we journey through perspective, we learn ways to reclaim our power from where we have historically given it away.









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