Ep. 28 - We Are the Change We Need Right Now - Part 2
Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Nothing changes If we keep doing the same things, expecting different results - or not doing anything at all and expecting some else to take action.

Picking up from our last show, we'll talk about taking personal responsibility through our actions around environmental sustainability.

Will talk about some ways we can enhance our environmental connection and care for the Earth.

Bearing personal responsibility through the decisions we make, the actions we take, is more critical now than ever.

We can't wait to be told what to do or for someone else to do something.

We are the change we need right now.

What are we doing on a personal level to affect positive change in our own lives, our communities and on a broader scale?

Join us as this conversation unfolds!

Another episode you won't want to miss!

Our power to change collectively begins and ends with each of us individually, so let's do this together!


On the SHIFT, we use multiple perspectives to effect positive change within ourselves and our communities.  We create a reframe on traditionally accepted norms to generate personal freedom, empowerment, self-love and self-care.  We discover new wisdom and learnings by stretching our existing understanding of social protocols, health and spiritual practices, personal belief systems, celebrations and cultural influences.

Viewing life through multiple perspectives helps us find new tools and teachings that can support us in healing, in understanding ourselves better, and realizing the potential in our self-actualization. As we journey through perspective, we learn ways to reclaim our power from where we have historically given it away.
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