Ep. 21 - Question Everything
In our last few episodes of the SHIFT, we have been developing conversation around the journey inward - being curious about our resistance to that journey, leaning in, and discussing methods and practices we can use to cultivate a deeper inner dialogue and connection with our soul, and then bridging that awareness into action.

On this episode of the SHIFT, we are going to talk about the WHY and HOW... specifically around shifting our perspective to fuel our power to change our inner world so that we can see/feel/experience that impact in our outer world.

Why are we talking about cultivating a connection with our soul and inner wisdom?

Why are we inviting ourselves and our listeners, our friends, our families, our communities, corporations and agencies to engage in a different way of being?

Why is it important, and especially so with the state of our current world?

And how it begins, how we begin... by questioning everything.

On this episode we'll talk about questioning everything and why.

Join us for another meaningful conversation, as we discuss real-time, real-life experiences that can be a bridge to a new way of being through shifting our perspective and reclaiming our power to effect change to bring us back into alignment with our inherent nature.

Let's lean into our inherent, divine wisdom and embrace this new and unknown territory, together.

You won't want to miss this episode!


On the SHIFT, we use multiple perspectives to effect positive change within ourselves and our communities.  We create a reframe on traditionally accepted norms to generate personal freedom, empowerment, self-love and self-care.  We discover new wisdom and learnings by stretching our existing understanding of social protocols, health and spiritual practices, personal belief systems, celebrations and cultural influences.

Viewing life through multiple perspectives helps us find new tools and teachings that can support us in healing, in understanding ourselves better, and realizing the potential in our self-actualization. As we journey through perspective, we learn ways to reclaim our power from where we have historically given it away.
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