67: Breaking Down Your Adoption Options
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Jill Devine has been wanting to discuss adoption on an episode of Two Kids and A Career, but she wanted to discuss the topic with an expert. Through a mutual friend, Jill was introduced to Marcy Bursac. Marcy resides in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and two brave children. Her heart for adoption comes from participating in service projects with orphans and her grandfather-in-law being orphaned in St. Louis at age seven but never being adopted. Adoption was something Marcy and her husband talked about as their Plan A before they even got married. This led the couple to adopt their kiddos, a sibling pair.

In Part One of the conversation, Marcy and Jill discussed adoption options. One option often overlooked is foster care adoption because people do not know that foster care and foster care adoption are different things. Most people don’t know that foster care adoption is the fastest and most affordable way to adopt.

Marcy explained to Jill that she was fed up with the number of children in the United States who didn’t have forever families, so she published “The Forgotten Adoption Option: A Self-Reflection and How-To Guide for Pursuing Foster Care Adoption” to find more forever homes for 120,000 children who are waiting to be adopted. 

Facebook: @ForgottenAdoptionOption

LinkedIn: @marcybursac

Instagram: @marcybursac

The Forgotten Adoption Option Podcast: https://forgottenadoptionoption.com/the-forgotten-adoption-option-podcast/

Weblink to Purchase Book: https://forgottenadoptionoption.com/the-book/

Jill would like to acknowledge and recognize the hard work moms put in on the daily. It can be a thankless job at times, and Jill wants these moms to know their worth, so she created the Supermom Shoutout. This week’s Supermom Shoutout goes to Steph of St. Charles. Her friend, Nan, nominated her and said:

Steph is awesome and is a great mom! She’s raised two kids of her own and is a grandma to two. She’s a science teacher, so essentially, she has helped raise many more! After a very helpful parenting assist last week with my own teenage girls, I told her she should write a book. She’s a hoot!

Steph’s daughter, Addie, also added to the nomination and said:

My mom juggled being a young, single mom with grace. She powered through college while raising me on her own. She went on to finish her master’s degree and has had a 25+ year career in the education field. She did all of this while managing to be an incredible mother to my sister and me and a wonderful wife to my stepdad. She shows up for everyone in her life: for her family, for her students, for her friends, and for her co-workers. She is amazing and so deserving of all the credit. I hope someday I’m half the mother she is. #yaymomma

Steph - YOU are seen and YOU are supported!

To nominate a Supermom (or you can nominate yourself) email hello@jilldevine.com. Submit the name of the Supermom, where they're from, and a brief description as to why Jill should shout out this particular Supermom.

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