70: It's A Gift To Have Perfectly Imperfect Children
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This week’s episode is the last episode of Season 5! Mark your calendars, Season 6 will launch on Wednesday, May 12th. Joining Jill Devine on the final episode of Season 5, the authors of The Cow Cocoon, Maria Price and Rachel Nolen:

Our daughters met in seventh grade which led to a cherished friendship.  They brought us together. Yet, it was our values, devotion to family and a flair for fun that has created our amazing friendship. 

​While reminiscing on funny anecdotes about our children, Maria mentioned the Cow Cocoon. She was on a trip with her children when her youngest daughter saw a bale of hay.  She asked her brother what it was and he replied that it was a cow cocoon. Accepting the wisdom of her older brother, she always believed that a cow cocoon was a possibility.

​Always looking for opportunities to try new things to challenge us, we decided to write this book. During this journey, we never realized the impact that this book would have on our lives.

Each of us has experienced many challenging and sad situations over the years. Without the comfort we received from our cocoons, it would have made difficult situations impossible to handle alone.

​We hope you discover your cocoon!

Besides discussing the book, this week’s conversation also focused on:

 *Talking to your kids about their emotions and feelings. Demonstrate active listening and allow their feelings to have a place to go.

*The book, How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen

*Each stage in development presents its own challenges. 

*Parents are harder on other parents and there’s a lot of judgement taking place. We need to be kinder to one another as parents.

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Jill would like to acknowledge and recognize the hard work moms put in on the daily. It can be a thankless job at times, and Jill wants these moms to know their worth, so she created the Supermom Shoutout. This week’s Supermom Shoutout is a self-nomination! The Shoutout goes to Lucie. She lives in St. Charles and is from Montreal, Canada:

I don’t know if I’m a Supermom or not. The first time I went through breast cancer, I had 7-year-old and 8-year-old daughters. I’m battling cancer 17 years later and having to reassure the girls again, but now they are all grown up and understand what is going on.

Lucie - YOU are seen and YOU are supported!

To nominate a Supermom (or you can nominate yourself) email hello@jilldevine.com. Submit the name of the Supermom, where they're from, and a brief description as to why Jill should shout out this particular Supermom.

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