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Nine Sacred Ways to Walk in Beauty
Mar 13, 2018 · 11 min
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When you read the words ‘walk in beauty’ what comes to mind for you?

I’ve learned that walking in beauty is creating an intimate relationship with the goodness of all creation. I feel deep gratitude and respect for the Native American people who inspired my deeper curiosity about living in a beauty way.

There are nine elements that contribute to the beauty way: awareness, prayer, stewardship for the Earth, creativity, sacred living, self-love, community, personal responsibility, and feminine sovereignty.

In this fast-paced world, we can easily get lost in a sea of auto-pilot responsibilities and become blind to the crushing beauty all around us. We become out of balance with the natural rhythms of life when we try to push, control or go against the flow. Many women experience lives of quiet desperation because they believe they are trapped in the roles they play, and that these roles define their true feminine nature. They do not.

I walk in beauty by standing in my authentic power and expressing my voice through my teachings, writing, mentoring, podcasting. My personal practice began after my daughter was born and was amplified during an intense Yoga teacher training experience. Practicing Yoga, Joy Spotting® and reading Shambhala Sun (cover to cover). Since then, I’ve been deepening my spiritual practice by circling up with wise women, exploring Shamanic teachings and practicing loving kindness.

Today I will walk you through each of the nine sacred ways to walk in beauty. Each element comes with several questions for your consideration.Learn more about Shann and claim her free guided relaxation album for women who do too much at


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