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Transformation Goddess Manifesto
Mar 7, 2012 · 4 min
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“Powerful women crave sacred space for luscious moments of self-care to balance out all of the loving energy they generously give to others.”

- Shann Vander Leek

You’re a woman. You were born to be lovingly adored. You represent Divine feminine energy. You are a Goddess. You deserve a rich and full guided spiritual awakening. You work hard. You run a household. You care for your friends and family. You wrestle with self-care, putting everyone and everything else before your own needs. You play more roles in life than humanly possible and expect to be the best at everything you do. You find yourself bumping around in your day-to-dayness. You are physically tired and emotionally maxed out. Your well is dry. You are ready to let of the nonsensical drama and negativity in your life. It's time to let go of rigidity, martyrdom, and useless excuses. You deserve to let go of the things which no longer serve you. You deserve to allow more of your womanly experience to be informed and illustrated by
  • Your Creativity
  • Your Spirituality
  • Your Femininity
  • Your True Goddess Nature
  • Your Unique Worldview
This is why I created The Transformation Goddess Experience. You’re a Woman. You have a lot going in your life, but toxic energy, low self-esteem, depression, and self-neglect are no longer allowed to occupy your reality. You deserve so much more. It’s about creating time for sacred feminine ritual It's about honoring the miracle that you are It's about learning how to reprogram your critical mind and open your heart. I know...
  • Liberating your inner Goddess will allow for more grace, connection and heavenly abundance.
I know...
  • You are enough. You matter. You are loved. You are exactly where you need to be in this moment.
I know...
  • Developing a healthy sense of your Goddess Self will enhance your life.
  • Your confidence will be enhanced.
  • Your inner critic will be silenced.
  • Your days will include sacred space and delightful moments of self-care.
I know...
  • Being a Goddess is in your true nature. I can support you to coax her out of hiding.
A Modern Day Goddess is:
  • Full of light, compassion and loving kindness.
  • In the process of creating more joy, peace and grace in her life.
  • Confident, courageous and supportive of other women.
  • Capable of becoming the woman she wishes to be.
  • Not afraid to do the work that needs to be done to heal herself.
  • Bold, charming and beautiful inside and out.
  • Unconventional, silly, sexy, and fun.
  • Ready to step into her power and live out loud.
The Transformation Goddess Experience will support you to you unearth your inner Goddess through the exploration of self-study, self-care, sacred ritual, and luscious living from the comfort of your own home. Learn how you can become a voluptuous, grounded, delightful force of nature, and share your inner grace and strength with the world! You are ready to allow the magic of your divine feminine nature to unfold. You can empower the Goddess within. She has been waiting for you. Curious to learn more about the Transformation Goddess Experience? You are welcome to visit our Website at
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