Valentine's Day Special: The Chris Watts and Nichol Kessinger Affair
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This episode discusses how did the dynamics of the Chris Watts-Nichol Kessinger affair contributed to the Watts family murders. The dynamics in this affair appear to be a critical factor in this case. One theory of the dynamics is that Chris Watts was introverted and insecure and Nichol Kessinger was confident, extraverted, and experienced in romantic relationships. This may have led to a power differential that unintentionally contribute to the horrific murders. This episode also reviews the role that immaturity, the passionate stage of romance, and impulsivity may have had in this case. More Content on Narcissism, Psychopathy, Sociopathy and Antisocial Personality DisorderFor even more, scientifically informed content on psychology and personality check out Dr. Grande's YouTube channelArs Longa MediaTo learn more about or to support Ars Longa Media and this podcast, go to We welcome your feedback at CitationsWestfall, S. S., Frederick, S. H. I., Baker, K., Boudin, M., & Truesdell, J. (2018). The Watts Family Murders SECRETS & LIES. People, 90(12), 52.Westfall, S. S., Baker, K. c., & Helling, S. (2018). The Watts Family Murders A MONSTER’S DOUBLE LIFE. People, 90(25), 63.

Dreamful Bedtime Stories
Dreamful Bedtime Stories
Jordan Blair
Better put this episode on before the clock strikes midnight.  It's time for the beloved fairytale, Cinderella. So, snuggle up in your blankets and have sweet dreams.    The music in this episode is "Beyond Their Words" by Doug Kaufman *Knowable* is a first-of-its-kind audio learning platform and library of original, expert-led audio courses. Each Knowable course includes hours of substantive audio lessons accompanied by supporting materials like summaries, e-textbooks, optional assignments, and bonus interviews. To try Knowable, visit Need more Dreamful?   * For more info about the show, merch, episodes, and ways to donate; check out our website,   * If you love this podcast and want to help us make it even better; visit our Patreon page at Become a Patreon member to get bonus episodes for as little as $1 a month or to just make a one-time donation!  * You can also support us with ratings, kind words, & sharing this podcast with loved ones.  * Find us on Facebook at & Instagram @dreamfulpodcast! Dreamful Podcast is hosted by Jordan Blair. Theme song by Joshua Snodgrass. Cover art by Jordan Blair.  ©️ Dreamful LLC Knowable Learn something new with unlimited audio courses from 200+ experts with Knowable. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Support the show (
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Weightloss Mindset
Weightloss Mindset
Rick Taylar
Habits and Attitudes Drive Your Weight Loss Efforts
Most people have the wrong attitude for losing weight. They go in with an "it's impossible for me to lose weight" kind of viewpoint. Drop the idea of wanting to lose weight quickly and focus on your attitudes, your reasons and forming healthy habits first. Relax, drop the diet mentality and create an optimal lifestyle. Before we continue, I want to give you a link to a free report on Solid Nutrition for Busy People. Don't let a busy life keep you from ultimate health. Go to, That's Content We usually think of weight loss as purely a physical journey. Eating the right foods and engaging in more exercise.  What's often forgotten is that there's a major psychological component as well. Your habits and attitudes contributed to your weight gain. They also play a significant role in your weight loss efforts. How your attitude affects weight loss Your attitudes aren’t necessarily more important than habits for losing weight. But if you consider your attitude first, it can help you develop healthier habits. We’ll get to that later. How your habits affect weight loss Habits play an extremely important role in sustainable weight loss. The hardest part of weight loss is in the beginning. You need to constantly learn new things, incorporate those things into your lifestyle, and fit them into your schedule. Your weight loss goals must be a priority for you to achieve them. Habit forming separates diets from lifestyle Here are some ways you can form these healthy habits? Creating habits through scheduling Habits are psychological as well as physical. Some habits are formed  when your brain tries to take shortcuts in decision making. Everything that you do is something that your brain needs to think about unless it can create sequences of events. Creating habits through action There’s a much easier way to develop habits and that’s to let your body do all of the work. That’s the physical aspect of habit forming that we mentioned above. Get busy establishing the right attitude today. Find a good reason or several reasons why you want to lose weight and get busy creating healthy habits that will drive you to the results you desire. The more desire you have for losing weight, the more  successful you'll be. --- Send in a voice message:
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