CASE:Jeffrey Dahmer (The Hungry Hungry Human)
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True Crime Personality and Psychology

True Crime Psychology and Personality with Dr. Todd Grande is a podcast that profile’s criminal personalities, discuss personality disorders and examine real life events from a scientifically informed perspective


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Executive Producer: Patrick C. Beeman, MD

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Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer
Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer
Stage 29 Podcast Productions
Tom Bilyeu: Turning Potential Into Skill Set
Coach Mike talks to billionaire entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu on how he overcame mental and emotional stagnation to build an empire from scratch by training himself to love doing all the hard things in life and to enjoy the process of learning from failure. His goal is to rebuild our post-Covid-19 culture and economy on ideas and ways of living that help people overcome mental restrictions and succeed at finding happiness and self-trust. Tom Bilyeu is an innovative leader in the mindset and empowerment industry who co-founded the company Impact Theory with Lisa Bilyeu, his wife and business partner. Mike and Tom continue the discussion on beliefs, failure, money and publishing "Neon Future" comic book with Steve Aoki and psychological energy.  Hi. Listeners, "Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer" podcast, will be going on hiatus starting next week and we'll be returning on Dec. 1st! Thank you, Happy Thanksgiving!   FB:  IG:  Twitter: IG:  TikTok:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
48 min
Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast
Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast
Ashley Leavy
4 Crystals to Amplify the Energy of the Full Moon
The time of the full moon is the peak time to engage your intuition and use your psychic gifts, such as clairvoyance or clairaudience. Be on the lookout for any signs or symbols that present themselves in your life during this lunar phase.   Do you keep seeing a specific number? Have you come across an animal messenger? These may be signs from the universe. The energy of the full moon is incredibly powerful, so be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself to be fully immersed in this energy. Using the right crystals for the full moon can enhance the energetic power of this time.      The Full Moon carries the energy of: Achievement Completion Dreams Flow Intuition Manifestation Power Protection Wholeness    Go with the flow rather than fighting what is being revealed. Allow sensations of wholeness and completion to wash over you as your dreams are manifested into being. Although manifesting usually takes center stage during the time of the full moon, there’s another important aspect to its energy that shouldn’t be overlooked. The bright light of the full moon illuminates things that may otherwise be hidden to you. It calls your attention to potential roadblocks or challenges that, if left unchecked, can slow down your progress. This isn’t to say these things must come to pass, only that if you remain on the present path, they could be issues. Luckily, the full moon is also known for its protective qualities. A little ritual and some course corrections can head off your potential troubles.  Finally, the full moon is a powerful time for divination work. Because your intuition is heightened during this period, you’ll feel more connected to your divination practice and the results will show it. Need some crystals to support you through these energetic shifts? These are the 4 Best Crystals for the Full Moon... 1) AMETHYST: People have been using Amethyst to connect with intuition and psychic skills since the time of the ancient Romans. Incorporate Amethyst into your Full Moon divination practice for ease in deciphering the messages and information you receive. Alternatively, call upon Amethyst’s protective abilities and charge your crystal with Full Moon energy to create a powerful protection talisman.   2) LABRADORITE: Labradorite is a mystical stone that gets its brilliant flash from reflected light, similarly to how the full moon is illuminated by reflected light from the sun. The energy of Labradorite and the energy of the Full Moon are like kindred spirits. Work with them together to enhance any Full Moon rituals or activities. You can also use Labradorite during this moon phase to facilitate lucid dreaming and to promote insightful, intuitive dreams. Tuck a piece of Labradorite into your pillowcase or create a simple rectangular grid using four pieces around your bed to have an out-of-this-world dream experience. 3) RAINBOW MOONSTONE: Believe it or not, Rainbow Moonstone is a white variety of Labradorite. They’re the same stone, but where Labradorite has flashes of color on a dark, gray-colored crystal, Rainbow Moonstone has flashes of color on a light, white-colored stone. Rainbow Moonstone works similarly to Labradorite for dreamwork, but it also encourages you to stay in flow with the lunar cycle all year long. Some people tend to notice the moon only when it’s full, but they miss out on the true benefits of living in tune with the moon. Work with Rainbow Moonstone to cultivate a lasting lunar practice that will serve you all cycle long.  4) WHITE MOONSTONE: White Moonstone is a member of the Orthoclase Feldspar group of minerals, different from Rainbow Moonstone (which is actually a member of the Labradorite Feldspar group). With its soft, white shimmer, it’s no wonder it was named for its resemblance to the moon. This crystal mimics the energy of wholeness and completion embodied by the full moon. If you feel like something has been missing from your li...
36 min
The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast
The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast
Kate Anthony, CPCC
Co-parenting During the Holidays, During a Pandemic with Michelle Dempsey-Multack
Doing the holidays and divorce — at the best of times — can be super complicated. Co-parenting during the holidays during a pandemic? What a shitshow, amiright? Well, it doesn’t have to be. This week, Michelle Dempsey-Multack joins me to offer tips and advice on how to handle the holidays during this crazy time. Michelle is a writer, coach, Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®), and host of the Moms Moving On Podcast. There is no guidebook for parenting during a pandemic. But through our conversation, we hope you find some insight, inspiration, and tips to help you move through the upcoming season with confidence and grace. Show Highlights * The shift in the divorce and co-parenting space and the role COVID-19 plays. (3:35) * How to have an uncomfortable conversation that is non-threatening about making the holidays safe for your children. (8:49) * Distinguish between the ex-partner who will balk about everything vs the ex-partner who is truthly concerned because they deem your actions as reckless. (12:06) * Uncomfortable conversations lead to comfortable situations. (14:16) * You can’t tell COVID to go away because it would make divorce easier. But COVID is forcing new divorcees to slow down post-divorce. (15:33) * Some tips on how to handle the holidays as co-parents, including how to share or split holidays. (24:48) * Make your goal about you, moving on in a healthy way and doing what is best for your children. (34:57) * Creating new holidays and traditions for yourself, post-divorce. (35:10) Learn More About Michelle Dempsey: Michelle Dempsey-Multack is a writer, coach, Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®) and host of the Moms Moving On Podcast. As a divorced, co-parenting, and remarried mother, nothing makes Michelle happier than being able to guide other women as they move on through the divorce process, and helping them turn their divorce lemons into lemonade - just like she did. A native New Yorker, Michelle now resides in Miami with her husband, Spencer, and each of their daughters, Bella and Jolie. Resources & Links: Michelle’s website Michelle on Instagram Michelle on Facebook Mom’s Moving On Podcast Kate Anthony on Instagram The Ultimate Divorce Survival Guide Should I Stay or Should I Go Facebook Group
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Episodes - Canadian True Crime
Episodes - Canadian True Crime
76-77 The Death of Laura Letts
BRITISH COLUMBIA After a painful breakup, Laura Letts decided to take leave from her job and travel abroad. While on tour in New Zealand, she would meet someone new, and her life would forever be changed. Thumbnail image source: Laura Letts-Beckett Memorial Page on Facebook Podcast recommendation: The Miami Chronicles - Booby Trap Credits: Research and writing: Kristi Lee Additional research: Hagar Barak Audio editing and production: We Talk of Dreams    Disclaimer voiced by the host of True Theme Song: We Talk of Dreams   Music credits: Scott Gratton - Had you been Chris Zabriskie - Cylinder Two Kai Engel - Harbor, July, Mercy Kevin McLeod / Incompetech - Immersed, Shadowlands, Bittersweet Other tracks, including the theme song, by We Talk of Dreams. Information sources Collection of articles from Kamloops This Week Video obtained by Kamloops This Week Collection of articles from Collection of articles from NZ Herald Feature article by Tim Petruk: Court documents:  Haka:
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