CHILDHOOD: Origins of Antisocial Personality Disorder, Psychopathy, and Sociopathy
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True Crime Psychology and Personality with Dr. Todd Grande is a podcast that profile’s criminal personalities, discuss personality disorders and examine real life events from a scientifically informed perspective

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True Crime Reporter
True Crime Reporter
Robert Riggs
Inside The Minds Of America’s 2 Worst Serial Killers: Kenneth McDuff & Ted Bundy Episode 17 Season 1
Kenneth Allen McDuff ranks among the most heartless and sadistic serial killers in American history. But what is it that creates the McDuff’s and Ted Bundy’s of this world? I received an invaluable understanding from two former FBI profilers who were among the original founders of the Behavioral Science Unit based at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.  I met profilers John Douglas and Roy Hazelwood after they had retired from the bureau.  At that time they were not widely known outside of law enforcement circles. Today the Netflix crime drama, Mindhunter is loosely based on John Douglas’s role in pioneering profiling at the FBI. His fellow profiler Royal Hazelwood became the world’s leading expert on the strangest, most dangerous of all aberrant offenders, the sexual criminal. Hazelwood is now deceased. He coauthored landmark books about the minds of sexual predators with Stephen Michaud. Michaud is a friend and fellow investigative reporter who used to be based here in Dallas. Stephen Michaud is the expert on Ted Bundy.   He tape-recorded 150 hours of audio with the serial killer when Bundy was imprisoned in a Florida State Prison.  In 1983, Michaud and another giant of investigative reporting, Hugh Aynesworth wrote the book, The Only Living Witness; The True Story of Serial Killer Ted Bundy. In 2019, NetFlix premiered a four-episode docuseries based on Michaud’s tapes titled Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. Michaud and I discuss what goes on inside the minds of serial killers. Please Share This Link With Your Friends To Subscribe. True Crime Reporter™ Podcast Follow us on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn YouTube P.S. If you like this podcast, we invite you to listen to our Justice Facts Podcast -- True Crime Is Stranger Than Fiction. Click here to subscribe to Justice Facts. Bill Johnston, the federal prosecutor featured in "Free To Kill" and Investigative Reporter Robert Riggs, the host of True Crime Reporter™ talk about criminal cases from their careers and dissect cases making news.
1 hr 25 min
The Holistic Herbalism Podcast
The Holistic Herbalism Podcast
CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism
An Herbalist's Guide to Successful Self-Experimentation
In this episode we explore the skills and disciplines necessary to conduct a successful self-experiment. Self-experimentation in this context might mean making changes to dietary, lifestyle, & movement habits; developing stress management skills; or trying out herbal medicines. First we address why and how self-experimentation can fall into self-justification, and how to avoid this. Then we highlight the skills of perception, reflection, and connection which are the bones of a good n=1 experiment, and share some key methods for developing them. Finally we talk about the practicalities that make this work go more smoothly, and share a few thoughts on how this all applies to clinical practice work as distinct from individual efforts. This is at the root of our work as herbalists, so we hope you’ll listen in! Plus, you just might have some intention-setting and some self-experimentation to embark on sometime soon, what with New Year’s resolutions and all. 😉 This is our last episode for 2020, so we’ll see you in 2021! If you’re dreaming up new ideas for the new year, why not do so literally? Check out our Herbs and Dreaming mini-course and delve deep into the Sandman’s kingdom. The plants know the way… As always, please *subscribe, rate, & review* our podcast wherever you listen, so others can find it more easily. Thank you!! Our theme music is “Wings” by Nicolai Heidlas. Support the show (
1 hr 14 min
Murder and Mystery in the Last Frontier
Murder and Mystery in the Last Frontier
Robin Barefield
The Mystery of the “A” Boats
On Valentine’s Day 1983, two new, beautiful sister ships, the Americus and the Altair sank in the Bering Sea in calm water while on their way to the king crab grounds near the Pribilof Islands. Fourteen men lost their lives in the worst disaster in the history of U.S. commercial fishing. A massive investigation ensued to determine what happened to the boats and what could be done to make commercial fishing safer.                     Those lost: The Americus: George Nations Brent Boles Larry Littlefield Rich Awes Victor Bass Jeff Nations Paul Northcutt The Altair: Ronald Beirnes Jeff Martin Lark Breckenridge Troy Gudbranson Randy Harvey Brad Melvin Tony Vienhage Sources: Much of my newsletter is based on the book Lost At Sea by Patrick Dillon. I’ve read this book three times, and I highly recommend it. Dillon extensively researched the losses of the Americus and Altair. He talked to fishermen, families of those lost, investigators, marine architects, and many other experts and observers. He tells a heart-felt and fact-filled story, not only about the “A” boats but about the commercial fishing industry and the politics of commercial fishing in the early 1980s. There’s so much more in his book than I’ve told you here, and if you’re like me, you won’t be able to put it down once you start reading it. Twenty Years After A-Boat Disasters, Scars Remain in Community. Available at: United States Coast Guard Marine Casualty Report. Available at: _______________________________________________________________________ If you would like to support Murder and Mystery in the Last Frontier? Become a patron and join The Last Frontier Club. Each month I will provide one or more of the following to club members. · An extra episode of Murder and Mystery in the Last Frontier available only for club members. · Behind the scenes glimpses of life and wildlife in the Kodiak wilderness. · Breaking news about ongoing murder cases and new crimes in Alaska · Merchandise or discounts on MMLF merchandise or handmade glass jewelry Become a Patron! ________________________________________________________________________ Check out the store: Murder and Mystery in the Last Frontier merchandise. ____________________________________________________________________________ Subscribe to my free, monthly Murder and Mystery Newsletter for more stories about true crime and mystery from Alaska. Join me on: Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Visit my website at Check out my books at Author Masterminds __________________________________________________________________________ Robin Barefield is the author of four Alaska wilderness mystery novels, Big Game, Murder Over Kodiak, The Fisherman’s Daughter, and Karluk Bones. Sign up to subscribe to her free, monthly newsletter on true murder and mystery in Alaska.
44 min
DIE-ALOGUE: a true crime conversation
DIE-ALOGUE: a true crime conversation
Rebekah Sebastian
Tyler Maroney | The Modern Detective
Tyler Maroney, Private Investigator and author of the book, MODERN DETECTIVE: How Corporate Intelligence is Reshaping the World.  Inside this book, will hear the very up close and personal, insiders stories on what PI's like Tyler and his colleagues do in the world of financial crime, business, and much more. The stereotypes are not factual...mostly. Listen to how Tyler breaks it down for us, and if you fancy yourself a citizen detective, get your magnifying glass out ( or high speed internet ready), because he has a serious call to action for you! To make an interesting conversation even more fascinating, we touch on Adnan Syed's case ( Tyler's firm QRI was featured in the 2019 HBO doc), Q anon ( let's find him!), and another case and documentary he worked on featuring Philadelphia hip hop artist, Meek Mills. Check that doc out via link below and definitely check out Tyler's book, also linked! FREE MEEK DOCUMENTARY: MODERN DETECTIVE: Today's episode is sponsodred by KIND BARS! KIND is deeply committed to crafting food with real, recognizable ingredients - a disruptive notion that sparked the creation of a new healthy snacking category. KIND is unapologetic in their efforts to challenge the status quo to shift the food industry and empower their community and our listeners to make better, informed choices about health. Kindness can be a transformative force for good and that is why we are teaming up with KIND and PODGO to bring our listeners 10% or 15% off for military, teachers, students, first responders, doctors and nurses. Go to PODGO.CO/KIND that’s PODGO.CO/KIND. Kind Bar, creating a kinder and healthier world - one act, one snack at a time. Are you ready for CrimeCon 2021 Austin? I am! Come see me LIVE on podcast row and use the code: DIEALOGUE20 for 10% off your pass. I cannot wait. DIE-ALOGUE: a true crime conversation, is a weekly true crime podcast, hosted by Rebekah Sebastian. Edited by Jason Usry. Original Music by Olivia Himes. Love DIE-ALOGUE? Please rate + review the show! ——> Let’s Kill the Small Talk + Start a DIE-ALOGUE. FOLLOW! Instagram Facebook Twitter: @diealoguepod REBEKAHSEBASTIAN.COM for more! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
58 min
The Addicted Mind Podcast
The Addicted Mind Podcast
Duane Osterlind, LMFT
113: Unraveled with Laura and Tom Boldt
On today’s episode of The Addicted Mind Podcast, Duane speaks with mother and son, Laura and Tom Boldt, authors of Unraveled, A Mother and Son Story of Addiction and Redemption. They talk about their story of recovery and how they worked together to get recovery. They each share how their recovery impacts each other, and how they were able to do it. It is a great story of hope, compassion, and gratitude for the life they've created in recovery together – as a family. *A Mother and Son’s Story* Coming from a family of many alcoholics, Laura was certain she wasn't going to end up like her alcoholic mom. But fast-forward to having four children, Laura fell into full-blown alcoholism when her youngest child was two years old. It was on Halloween night 2008 that everything changed for her when she got into a serious car accident. She could barely remember what happened to her the next morning. At that point, she knew she needed help. At that time when Laura stopped drinking, her son, Tom, had already experienced bullying and switched schools a few times. He simply wanted a place to belong, which he had found in drinking and drugs. While alcoholism reflected how Laura was living free and having fun, it was completely opposite for Tom. It was more violent. There was more blood and there were more hospital visits. His alcoholism worsened to the point that it not only led to broken bones, but also, broken relationships. Then one Halloween night in 2012, he got in a couple of bar fights and ended up running down the freeway. The next morning, he just decided he was done. Addiction is a family disease because everybody around you suffers from it. The family essentially has a very important role to play during this healing process and there needs to be understanding and compassion. Part of Laura and Tom’s healing process was writing the book, which was not only cathartic to both of them, but an opportunity for them to send this message of hope. *In this episode, you will hear:* * Laura’s story of alcoholism and the turning point that made her decided to stop * Tom’s story of alcoholism and drug abuse, and his decision to stop * The effects of drinking on Laura and Tom * Their journey through recovery together * The role of the family in addiction recovery * The difficulties and challenges in recovery together * What they discovered about each other * Writing the book as a cathartic process for them and as a way to send their message of hope Key Quotes: [02:36] - "When you try to control your drinking, you only realize that it's controlling you." [03:39] - "People around you are far more aware of your alcoholism before you are." [07:18] - "I could have killed somebody else. My kids could be without a mother because of drinking." [13:07] - "I was completely unaware of the effects of alcohol... I just thought it was normal." [19:56] - "I started learning so much about the disease and Laura was so amazing and would fill me in on her journey and her experience." [22:42] - "Not all families have the opportunity to heal for whatever reason. But it does make it easier for the alcoholic and the addict to have a family that plays into that healing." [23:23] - "Resentments can cause relapse... it's a daily practice for us to stay healthy." [32:48] - "My life is filled with so much joy, so much fun, and, and true laughter that's not ignited by alcohol, and it really is a more peaceful way to live." *Subscribe and Review* Have you subscribed to our podcast? We’d love for you to subscribe if you haven’t yet. We’d love it even more if you could drop a review or 5-star rating over on Apple Podcasts ( ). Simply select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” then a quick line with your favorite part of the episode. It only takes a second and it helps spread the word about the podcast. If you really enjoyed this episode, we’ve created a PDF that has all of the key information for you from the episode. Just go to the episode page at ( ) to download it. *Supporting Resources:* Unraveled, A Mother and Son Story of Addiction and Redemption *Episode Credits* If you like this podcast and are thinking of creating your own, consider talking to my producer, Danny Ozment. He helps thought leaders, influencers, executives, HR professionals, recruiters, lawyers, realtors, bloggers, coaches, and authors create, launch, and produce podcasts that grow their business and impact the world. Find out more at ( )
37 min
The Nameless Pod
The Nameless Pod
The Nameless Pod
3: The Nameless Pod - COVID Part 1
Kasey and Mat dive into the coronavirus timeline and talk China, early assumptions, masks, the flu, and vaccines. Be sure to check out Covid Part 2 when they dive into the economic side of the issue and analyze the government response.  Articles and Research:  Mask Effectiveness, the science  On mask efficacy, meta analysis from The Lancet. A little Covid Q&A with UCSF Research on efficacy between 3 types of masks In reaction to masks… “Wear a mask, save your life” Overview of 1918 mask mandates Assumptions changed. The confusion Covid vs The Flu Last ten years, flu data Covid deaths international USA Differences between the two
25 min
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