EP223 A powerful way to help kids (and ourselves!) with time management
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Constantly issuing reminders and following up with kids is exhausting. Helping kids understand how their brains work and explore ways to funnel their focus, time, and energy is fascinating. 

So, how do you approach time management through this lens?

The teachers who are most successful at managing their time don’t see doing so as a burden.

And, they don’t see mismanaging their time as a failure: it’s part of the experiment of learning what works for them and what doesn’t. They’re constantly trying out different approaches according to their moods and the changes in their workload, and adapting for new changes and preferences. It’s not something they try to figure out once and for all. 

Having this perspective on your own time management naturally flows over into the way you treat students.

You no longer expect them to just “buckle down and get it down” since you’re aware of all the mental tricks and productivity hacks you yourself use to follow through on tasks.

You no longer get as frustrated with kids who waste time because you understand some of the root causes and you have tools to help. 

What if we approach productivity as one giant experiment that we can have fun with doing alongside our students?

Learning to manage your time is a highly personalized lifelong process, and it can actually be a fun adventure if you approach it through a self-development lens.

Listen in to learn more about how there’s no “right” or “wrong” approach to man aging your time, and how to teach kids that it’ normal and okay for productivity levels to be inconsistent.

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