EP227 Five things teachers wish their admins knew
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There’s a big focus now on the teacher attrition and shortage crisis. So what does that mean for the teachers that stay? How can schools keep their best teachers and attract more folks to the profession?

I believe there are leadership principles that any administrator can internalize and apply to immediately help their faculty feel better supported and create more manageable expectations.

I’m going to share some of these solutions in today’s episode, through the lens of what teachers have told me they wish their administrators understood:

  1. Teachers are craving autonomy and respect for their professional judgment.
  2. Teachers need uninterrupted planning time in order to be at their best for students.
  3. Teachers need administrators to have their backs, and support them when their professionalism is undermined.
  4. Teachers need school leaders to provide the necessary support and resources for students to be successful, OR adjust expectations to align with reality.
  5. An organized, efficient school leadership team with clear priorities has a tremendous positive impact on the entire school.

When you believe that it’s possible — and desirable — for educators to do a great job for kids AND center their own work/life balance, that belief will color how you perceive your school’s operations. You will naturally filter all information and decision-making through that perception, and make decisions based on sustainable practices rather than urgent stop-gap measures. 

If you’d like to see systemic changes in the way your school operates, I’ll be releasing the new 40 Hour Leadership program for principals, APs, and other school leaders this summer. Click here to learn more: https://join.40htw.com/leadership

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