In Case You Get Hit By a Bus with Abby Schneiderman and Gene Newman from Everplans
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Abby Schneiderman and Gene Newman from Everplans join Mike to talk about their new book In Case You Get Hit By A Bus: How to Organize Your Life Now for When You're Not Around Later. We begin by getting the origin story of Everplans based on Abby's experiences as a tech entrepreneur and as someone who faced unexpected challenges when her brother suddenly died at age 51. We learn how Abby and Adam Seifer, her Co-founder, created Everplans and how they brought in Gene to help write the book and begin to educate folks on how to navigate the difficult and complex challenges that emerge with the loss of a loved one.

We touch on emerging trends around digital estate planning, scenario-based thinking, and capturing the "softer side" of one's legacy for families and friends to hold onto after your gone. With the massive shifts of thinking due to the pandemic, we also think through how planning mindsets are shifting and how much of the work the folks at Everplans are doing was ahead of trend and is now incredibly zeitgeisty as we begin to think about what a post-COVID world might look like.

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Canadian Immigration Podcast
Canadian Immigration Podcast
Mark Holthe
086: Windmill Microlending and stimulation of Canadian Economy?
What this episode is about? Nobody comes to Canada with expectation of not being successful. Immigration to a new country, however, often puts newcomers into unfortunate circumstances. Too many immigrants are unable to fulfill their potential because their professional certification is not valid in Canada. Getting certified in Canada is challenging to the absolute majority of newcomers, as it requires significant financial resources. Financial challenges are aggravated by the fact that newcomers often have low credit scores in Canada and thus are subject to terrible interest rates for their loans. Well, there is a solution to this "no money - no certification, no certification - no money" loop! Windmill provides microloans of up to $15,000 to skilled immigrants and refugees so they can succeed in their careers. They support clients to obtain the Canadian licensing or training required to work in their field, or to secure a position which matches their level of education, skills, and experience. Their loans can pay for exams, training, assessments, books and materials, living allowance, relocation costs, professional association fees, and other expenses related to advancing their career. Thanks to these loans newcomers are included in the labor market in Canada and can compete for high wage jobs fully applying their foreign experience and knowledge. Higher wages mean higher taxes. As a result newcomers pay higher taxes and spend their hard-earned money in Canada thus stimulating economy. About today’s guest of the Canadian Immigration Podcast Paula Calderon National Director, Client Success Originally from Colombia, Paula has spent her career leading workforce development projects that support the economic integration of newcomers to Canada. In the past, she pioneered ESL programs, worked on paid internship programs and oversaw various employment services and bridging programs supporting internationally trained professionals. She has also worked as a professor in the Career Development Practitioner program at George Brown College, has served as a mentor to newcomers and is the former President of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Colombian Professional Association. In 2018, Paula completed the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunity program and became an Aspen Institute Economic Opportunity Fellow. You can reach out to Paula via: * LinkedIn: Windmill Microlending * Twitter: @windmillcanada * Facebook: Windmill Microlending Contact Windmill Microlending: 1-855-423-2262, About the host of the Canadian Immigration Podcast Mark Holthe is a Canadian Immigration Lawyer based in Lethbridge, Alberta. He has started his legal career with a large national law firm in Calgary where he initiated the business immigration practice at the firm. Since those early days, he has had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of law firm configurations before finally realizing that the best place for him was within the confines of an immigration boutique firm of his own making. As a Canadian immigration lawyer, Mark has particular experience in assisting clients with all aspects of Canadian immigration law. He assists large national and multinational companies in navigating the complex world of Canadian immigration and provides strategic immigration advice to international and domestic companies seeking to recruit and retain foreign skilled and semi-skilled personnel. Mark also assists temporary foreign workers with their transition to permanent resident status in Canada and over the past few years, he has taken great satisfaction in helping individuals and families with their various immigration related needs. Mark finds no greater satisfaction than helping to facilitate the reunification of families. While attending law school, Mark worked as an Immigration officer for Citizenship and Immigration Canada on the Alberta/Montana border. While completing his final year of law school, he worked as a pro bono student to the Canada Border Services Agency Hearings Officers representing the minister before the Immigration Appeal Division in Calgary, Alberta. As a result of his prior experience as an immigration officer, Mark has been able to enhance the services he offers to his cross-border and overseas clients. Since that time, he has continued to work hard fostering positive relationships with the various immigration related government departments and has focused a significant portion of his practice on cross-border matters. About the Sponsor of the Canadian Immigration Podcast This episode sponsored by Canadian Immigration Institute, a platform designed to help people navigate Canadian immigration on their own. On this platform, I offer Do-It-Yourself (DIY) video courses guiding you through the process of submitting your immigration application without a need to hire a lawyer. These video courses not only allow people to better understand Canadian immigration but also earn me sufficient revenue to continue pushing out great free content on Canadian immigration. Visit Canadian Immigration Institute: Listen to the Canadian Immigration Podcast on Spotify and iTunes Canadian Immigration Podcast is being broadcasted on our iTunes and Spotify channels. If you have enjoyed this podcast and think someone else would, too, please subscribe and share this episode! Subscribe to our various social media channels If you want to connect with me or retain Holthe Immigration Law to assist you with immigration to Canada feel free to book a consultation on our official website: Additionally, consider subscribing to our social media channels to stay up to date with the news on Canadian Immigration: Canadian Immigration Institute Youtube Channel: Canadian Immigration Institute Facebook page: Express Entry Law Private Facebook group: Holthe Immigration Law LinkedIn page: Holthe Immigration Law Instagram page: Holthe Immigration Law Twitter Page:
33 min
Google Teacher Podcast
Google Teacher Podcast
Matt Miller and Kasey Bell - Education Podcast Network
Sunsetting. But Not The End. - GTP126
This is the final episode of the Google Teacher Podcast. In this final episode, Matt and Kasey explain why this podcast is ending and reflect on their experiences creating it. Some of their favorite moments and things they've enjoyed include: * Tips from YOU are the best episode * Speakpipes are informative and sometimes entertaining * Jokes, memes, and silliness with our listeners * Keynote speeches and conference meet-ups * Learned more from our listeners than we will ever learn on our own * Hearing listeners apply things they learned made our day * Continued partnership and friendship * Outtakes - Speaking of outtakes...make sure you listen to the very end! You're invited to continue learning with Matt, Kasey and Chris! * Matt Miller's Ditch That Text Book * * Listen to archived episodes of the Ditch That Textbook podcast * Social media * Matt on Twitter * Ditch That Textbook on Twitter * Matt on Facebook * Matt on YouTube * Matt on Pinterest * Matt’s books * * New book, Do More with Google Classroom, is available! * * * Check out the book companion website for resources * Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit (free online conference every December) * Keynote speeches, workshops and other professional development * Online courses (free and paid) by Ditch That Textbook * Kasey Bell's Shake Up Learning * * The Shake Up Learning Show Podcast (every Tuesday) * Google Resources on SUL * Google Quick Tip Playlist * Online Courses * Books * Speaking (in-person and virtual) * Webinars * Book Studies * Shake Up Learning Community on Facebook * Subscribe to Kasey’s weekly newsletter * Social * Twitter * Facebook * YouTube * Pinterest * TikTok * Instagram * Chris Nesi's House of #EdTech * Social Media * Twitter * YouTube * TikTok * Instagram
36 min
The Thoughtful Travel Podcast
The Thoughtful Travel Podcast
Amanda Kendle
228 Volunteering Experiences
Volunteering abroad is an experience lots of thoughtful travellers contemplate - who doesn't want to give back when we can. But of course, we know that not all volunteering opportunities are created equal. In Episode 228 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, I chat with three women who have had fairly in-depth volunteer experiences in Uganda, Zimbabwe and Nepal, and their stories might help you reflect on what does make a good volunteer experience. First, I chat with Lindy Alexander who spent eight months volunteering in a remote part of Uganda. She's very frank with me about how, on reflection some years later, she's not sure that everything they did had a positive impact - although lots did. I then speak with Julia Salnicki, a zoologist who has spent many years either volunteering or managing volunteers on animal research projects in Africa. Her stories are amazing and apart from her tales on this episode, I've added another one about her three years in a painted dog research project onto Patreon - if you're a supporter, listen now, or sign up at Finally, I hear from Patti Lefkos who, after several decades of experience as a teacher and principal in Canada, volunteered in a small school in Nepal. She tells us some of the many lessons she learnt from that experience. Links: Support the podcast on Patreon - this week's bonus content is an extended chat with Julia Salnicki - Lindy Alexander - The Freelancer’s Year  Julia Salnicki from Classic Safari Company -  Patti Lefkos - Episode 145 on Volunteering Experiences -  Join our Facebook group for Thoughtful Travellers - Show notes: See for privacy information.
30 min
HR Happy Hour
HR Happy Hour
Steve Boese Trish McFarlane
HR Happy Hour 470 - Inclusion Lessons from the Special Olympics
HR Happy Hour 470 - Inclusion Lessons from the Special Olympics Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane Guests: Denis Doolan, Special Olympics; Mark Onisk, Skillsoft This episode of Happy Hour is made possible by Workhuman®. The world is watching the leaders of today and tomorrow. Modern employees want a workplace where they’re respected, seen, appreciated, and heard – and they’re demanding it. And thriving organizations like Cisco, Merck, and LinkedIn have realized the immense benefits of putting the human at the center of work. Get your copy of the book, “Making Work Human,” on Amazon and discover how. And Paychex. With the onset of COVID-19, Paychex quickly responded to support businesses and help them manage the new challenges brought on by the pandemic.The Paychex COVID-19 Help Center is the ultimate, comprehensive resource hub featuring articles, videos, scenario tools, live webinars, and podcasts that provide valuable and up-to-date insight on stimulus measures, managing a remote or hybrid workforce, travel restrictions, state specific guidance, and more. To access go to today This week we were joined by Denis Doolan from the Special Olympics and Mark Onisk from Skillsoft to discuss the two organizations’ ongoing partnership, how Special Olympics can work with organizations to improve inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities, and to share some inspiring stories and lessons from some amazing Special Olympic athletes Learn more at and find the Intellectual Disabilities In Workplace DEI Survey here Subscribe to the HR Happy Hour wherever you get your podcasts.
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