Chris Harris talks cars with Andrew Frankel
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In today’s episode Chris Harris chats with Andrew Frankel, renowned automotive journalist and co-founder of Drive Nation. In this bumper broadcast the pair get to grips with Lewis Hamilton’s controversial win at the Canadian GP, what they hate about modern car design and their favourite stories about the Millbrook Bowl, as well as discussing a BMW that looks like a bottom and their shared passion for pistons.


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Front End Chatter
Front End Chatter
Simon Hargreaves and Martin Fitz-Gibbons
Front End Chatter #125
Hello and welcome for Front End Chatter, Britain’s best biking podcast, and Episode 125 of the aforementioned, presented by him, Martin Fitz-Gibbons, and him, Simon Hargreaves. And we are, as ever, enabled and legitimised by Bennetts, the bike insurance specialists, and, the wonderful world of woking on the web. And in this fun-sized Mars Bar of an episode we chatter about: * how IAM observers are like twitchers * what’s the best 125 ever, why isn’t it the Varadero, and are modern 125s better than classic 125s? * how to topple off an Africa Twin and an F800GS in style * how far can you go on a Zero SRF, and still get back in a day? * wet MotoGP from Le Mans including an uncannily prescient Martin suggesting Covid could play a part in sideling riders THE DAY BEFORE a viral Rossi misses a couple of rounds * loads of chat about Ducati’s new V4 Granturismo motor powering the new Multistrada – how it’s bigger, but smaller, lasts longer, makes more power but less torque, and where has the whole Desmo business gone? And why? * a natter about details of Aprilia’s RS660, as Martin from the past pays a visit to remind us his half of FEC worked all that stuff out a year ago. Apart from the price. * all before we dive into the FEC sack with its usual barrage of good points, corrections and fab stories. Please email us all your thoughts and questions to: Thank you very much for listening, please spread the word, leave us a review on iTunes, and if it’s not too late and you’re in the US – VOTE! @SimonHbikes @Mufga
1 hr 59 min
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