Your Future is Now
Your Future is Now
Sep 18, 2020
Christine Patton "The Road To Resilience"
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Christine (Chris) Patton was our guest today.  Her topic was “THE ROAD TO RESILIENCE”. Chris has inspired many others to their true potential, guiding them to build foundational skills for personal effectiveness and resilience to handle all that their life presents. As a former specialist in  insurance defense litigation, former Judge in the Small Claims Court of Ontario, and as a Mediator.

She felt the extreme effects of unbridled stress. Those experiences catalyzed Chris to reclaim her own life. Her current practice as a Performance Coach, Professional Speaker, Author and HeartMath trainer.

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Chris share a lot of great information on Resilience being a key concept these days, especially with the added burden of a worldwide pandemic. She shared how we can “deal” with STRESS and the negative effects has on our minds, our hearts, our bodies and our lives. 

One thing she hit on really got my attention and that was “subconscious programming”, how it was created and how it works in our everyday life. And how it can hinder us, and rob us of being the best we can be.

Chris is associated and a trainer with the HeartMath Institute.  She explained how the heart and mind are connected in a manner that your mental emotions can and does speed up your heart.  But the good news is, there are ways to relax your mind and this benefits the heart.

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