Brian Bogert “Embrace Pain & Avoid Suffering”
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Brian Bogert  “Embrace Pain & Avoid Suffering” 

Our guest today was Brian Bogert and the information he shared was really informative and eye opening.  Brian shared his personal story of being hit by a car, ran over and his left arm severed.  As he shared the moment by moment detail of what happened, you could actually visualize what was happening as if you were standing there watching.

This led for a lot of in-depth discussion for Honorary Host Bill Heinrich and Brain to delve into Embracing Pain and HOW to Avoid Suffering.  Both of them gave great insight for our audience to embrace and look at things in their life with a different perspective.

The world tells us to reduce, eliminate or avoid pain. BUT the world is wrong. We must combat our tendency to avoid pain and instead learn to lean into it for long-term benefit. If we avoid pain, it's not a matter of “if" but “when" suffering will appear in our lives.

Both Brian and Bill shared excellent information on HOW TO redefine and reframe pain to understand its pivotal role in our growth. Both shared critical skills to increase awareness around pain and intentionally embrace pain as their pathway to success.

The entire program was focused on how YOU can go on a journey from avoiding pain to accepting it, and achieving purpose, joy and freedom through it.

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