Your Future is Now
Your Future is Now
Feb 14, 2020
Robert & Shawn Jones "Network Together"
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Happy Valentines Day!!! Robert W & Shawn Jones were our guest today. They are the President & CEO of Network Together in Phoenix, Az. Visit them at "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. Training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information and to receive YOUR FREE COMPLIMENTARY GIFTS...go to Today they discussed the importance of belonging to a network of professionals focused on helping and promoting each other rather than focus only on sales. Dandy Don and I have personally witnessed Network Together members several times and they come together with the intent of helping each other. With a dozen chapters covering the greater Phoenix area, chances are for the folks in Phoenix there is one located and meets near you, They welcome guests and to find our more about WHERE & WHEN Chapters meet....go to... On Thursday, February 20, 2020 Network Together is having their iNetworkExpo. This is an event where members, guest speakers, panelists, exhibitors are all in one room. Everyone is encouraged to visit and share information with others. YOUR Hour of Need for a certain expertise to be able to turn to someone YOU KNOW & CAN TRUST that can fulfill YOUR NEEDS. That is what Network Together & iNetworkExpo is all about. Here is the link for more information on iNetworkExpo... When you go to the link on the "Speakers" will see Dandy Don and I there. ALERT!!!! Dandy Don and I just found out today that Robert and Shawn listed OUR EVENT on the iNetworkExpo website!!! This is a classic example of HOW the Network Together "family" takes care of others by promoting and helping their friends and associates. For Details on OUR EVENT.... WOW!!!! How would YOU LIKE for someone to promote YOU, YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR EVENTS?? This is the Standard Operating Procedure and the very "Nature"of the way Network Together takes care of their members. Don and I are the co-founders of Speakers Pathway Coalition and we are "PROUD" to be members of Network Together. Then Shawn shared with the audience about the "Women's Panel" (men are invited) that is coming up in April 2020. In addition to addressing issues and items of interest that ladies face....MEN...Listen UP...At the "Women's Panel" one of the topics to be discussed is "Sex-Trafficking" aka "Human Trafficking". Shawn shared the story of a young girl that got abducted and the FBI found her in Florida, she is 15 years old, pregnant and bless her heart, she has aids. I admire and applaud Shawn and all of the other ladies and men that will step up at the grass roots level to say 'enough is enough' and seek for ways to be better prepared and to discuss ideas of WHAT we the people as concerned citizens can do and get involved in protecting our youth. Ladies & Gentlemen, based on what you have read here in the shows description. I think you would say that Robert W Jones and Shawn Jones are the kind of people you would like to know and hang out with...and YOU would be right!!! I hope you'll take the time to listen and share our podcast with others. And if you would like to know more about Network Together, iNetworkExpo visit their websites. And if YOU would 'LIKE TO KNOW MORE" about Robert & Shawn and Network may call them at (602) 228-0907 On behalf of our guests Robert W & Shawn Jones, Dandy Don and I THANK YOU and Hope YOU will Subscribe & Share this podcast with others. Have a Blessed Weekend, Jim Grant iTunes: YouTube: Podcasts:
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