Aug 11, 2020
Inside the Panda Suit with Ami Vitale
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This event was originally planned for August 27. Due to unforeseen changes in Ami Vitale's travel schedule, it's now happening Thursday, September 10 at 7 pm eastern time.

Being a National Geographic photographer may seem glamorous, but sometimes the work just plain stinks—literally! 

Ami Vitale is an internationally-renowned photographer whose work invites us into extraordinary, intimate interactions between humans and wild creatures, and shines a light on the complicated relationships we have with our fellow beings. She’s received some of the biggest honors in the photography world, including a National Geographic photo of the decade and five (!) World Press Photo of the Year awards. 


And, to create all that amazing work she at times has to put herself in some unpleasant situations. 


Join our host Amy Martin and Ami Vitale on September 10 for a live recording of Threshold Conversations to hear their discussion, and take a peek behind the scenes to see how the sausage—er, podcast—gets made.


You can find details and tickets on our website: 


All proceeds from this event support Threshold’s independent, non-profit journalism. 

The Liturgists Podcast
The Liturgists Podcast
The Liturgists
Should the Church Be Political?
Jason Fileta and Michael Wear join William Matthews, Dr. Hillary McBride, and Michael Gungor to talk about politics, the church, and how we can wade through the ways these interconnected spaces in our lives affect ourselves and those around us. Michael Wear is a leading strategist, speaker and practitioner at the intersection of faith, politics and public life. He advised President Obama, as well as some of the nation’s leading foundations, non-profits and public leaders, on some of the thorniest issues and exciting opportunities that define American life today. He has argued that the spiritual health and civic character of individuals is deeply tied to the state of our politics and public affairs.  Jason Fileta grew up in Wheaton, IL the son of Egyptian immigrants. The plight of the persecuted church in Egypt compelled him to commit his life to fighting for a more just world. He was chosen as a delegate to the G8 Summit in Scotland. The delegates advocated to leaders for debt cancellation for impoverished nations, fair trade policies, and increased assistance to impoverished nations. This helped launch his long-term work in advocacy focused on ending extreme poverty. You can watch The Liturgists Podcast being recorded live each week (as well as The Alien Podcast) by joining The Liturgists. We love having everyone together where we can talk during the recordings. Check out and find where it says "Join The Liturgists." Also, this Sunday at 11am Pacific you are invited to join us for The Sunday Thing. Hundreds of liturgists from around the world get together via video. We break into smaller groups to talk and it is such a wonderful time. You are not alone in your doubts, questions, anger, sadness, atheism, theism, or any other thing you are going through. To find out more and to join us on Sunday, go to
1 hr 16 min
She Explores
She Explores
Ravel Media
Paralympic Snowboarder Brittani Coury
Brittani Coury is a Paralympic snowboarder and registered nurse who loves spending her winters in the mountains. It’s where she’s found a second family, it’s where her stubbornness and dedication have helped her realize her potential as an athlete. Brittani hasn’t had a straight path in her athletic career. So she knows a thing or two about starting over, pushing through, and having fun. Which makes her the perfect person to learn from in this episode, whether you’re new to skiing or snowboarding, or looking to level up in skill and the amount of time spent on the mountain. We asked you what questions you have about skiing and snowboarding. Our hope is that everyone out there listening will be empowered by Brittani’s story and expertise to safely explore the slopes - whether It’s possible this season or in the many winters to come. Featured in this episode: Brittani Coury _Hosted & Produced by __Gale Straub_ _A production of __Ravel Media_ _Sponsored by _ _Ikon Pass_ Join the She Explores Podcast community on Facebook Visit & Follow Us on Instagram Resources * Featured in this episode: Brittani Coury * Website * Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter * Ikon Pass * She Explores Episode on COVID-19 and Outdoor Rec: * Listen on Apple Podcasts * Listen on Spotify * Listen on * KSL Classifieds (Utah Marketplace where Brittani has found used gear) * REI Used Gear * Ski Resorts with Adaptive Skiing Programs * Chill Denver - Snowboard & Skateboard programs for youths 10 - 18. * Team Summit: Elevating Youth * Ski Duck: Skiing for Disadvantaged Kids * Ravel Media Sponsors and Discount Codes * Ikon Pass: Learn more about 20/21 winter season at Episodes air weekly on Wednesdays-- subscribe wherever you listen so you never miss an episode. Music is by Utah, Jacob Montague, & Uncle Skeleton via Musicbed.
36 min
Veggie Doctor Radio
Veggie Doctor Radio
Yami Cazorla-Lancaster, DO, MPH, MS, FAAP
127: Fatty Liver Disease with Dr. Vanessa Mendez
Dr. Mendez is a successful gastroenterologist and she is passionate about helping people with their gut issues. But she knows first-hand the power of nutrition and lifestyle and helps her patients focus on lifestyle changes in their pursuit of wellness. In this episode of Veggie Doctor Radio, we focus on fatty liver disease and the effect of plant-based nutrition. About featured guest: Doctor Mendez is a double board certified gastroenterologist and internist. She specializes in digestive disorders, which include liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and nutrition based-disorders, such as obesity and constipation. Her approach to patients and their diseases is holistic and comprehensive; her goal is not just to treat the symptoms, but to get to the root cause of an ailment and provide lasting relief. She provides an evidence-based approach to her practice and focuses on lifestyle changes first to promote wellness. Dr. Mendez attended Harvard University, where she obtained a B.A. in Latin American Studies, with a minor in pre-medicine. From there, she began her medical training at the ACGME accredited Universidad Central del Caribe in Puerto Rico, completed her Residency in Internal Medicine at University of Miami/ Jackson Memorial Hospital, and her Fellowship in Gastroenterology at Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans. She has also trained in Epidemiology through Florida International University, and in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University. She was awarded a visiting fellowship at the Mayo Clinic through the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation where she received special training in inflammatory bowel diseases. She has also helped lead multiple fund-raising walks to raise awareness for Crohn's and Colitis in the Miami area. She was awarded Physician Champion at the Takes Steps Walk 2019 for the GastroHealth Team. Dr. Mendez is a bilingual internationally speaker in the area of Digestive diseases, gut microbiome development and Inflammatory bowel diseases. She is available nationally and internationally for virtual consultations with a team of registered dietitian, autoimmune experts and primary care providers. To learn more subscribe to her website Dr. VANESSA MENDEZ Disclaimer: The information on this blog, website and podcast is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to replace careful evaluation and treatment. If you have concerns about your or your child’s eating, nutrition or growth, consult a doctor. I have an affiliate partnership with Splendid Spoon where you can get $25 off your first order if you want to give it a try! Splendid spoon offers pre-made smoothies, juice shots and delicious bowls that require no preparation besides heating up! Shop my favorite things Please support my work, become a Patreon Mentions: Thank you to our sponsor Blog post by Dr. Frank A Parent’s Guide to Intuitive Eating: How to Raise Kids Who Love to Eat Healthy by Dr. Yami Leave an 'Amazon Review' MORE LISTENING OPTIONS Apple Podcasts: Spotify: NEWSLETTER SIGN UP OR Text 'FIBER' to 668-66 FIND ME AT * * * * MORE FROM ME Read - Listen: Watch - TEDx Talk - * * * * Questions? Email me:
1 hr 27 min
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