Sep 15, 2020
Threshold Conversations | 5 | Peggy Shepard
39 min

How does your zip code affect your life expectancy? 

The impacts of climate change, toxic water, and dirty air aren’t evenly distributed. Low income and communities of color bear the brunt of these impacts. 

Today, we dive into conversation with Peggy Shepard, a pioneer of the environmental justice movement who has worked for more than three decades to shine a light on the ways damage to the natural world intersects with issues of race and class.

She co-founded WE ACT for Environmental Justice, a community organization based in New York City with the mission of ensuring that the right to clean air, water, and soil extends to all people, no matter where they live, what color their skin is, or how much money is in their bank accounts. Many of the environmental protections she helped to fight for in her community have been scaled up to the national level, benefitting people around the country and even the world.

Threshold Conversations is an ongoing series featuring interviews with environmental thought leaders on some of the most urgent environmental and social issues today.

Threshold Conversations is supported by the International Women’s Media Foundation’s Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists, as well as the Park Foundation, the High Stakes Foundation, and our home public radio station, Montana Public Radio, and listeners like you.

Learn more about Threshold on our website.

Backpacker Radio
Backpacker Radio
The Trek
#87 | Paul Barach on Japan's Shikoku Pilgrimage + Murphy's Law
In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Paul Barach. Paul is an avid adventurer, but today, we focus in on his trek along Japan's Shikoku Pilgrimage, a 750-mile route that visits nearly 90 temples. This was Paul's first backpacking trip, as evidenced by everything that went wrong, including suffering from heat exhaustion, dehydration, being charged by a wild boar, breaking a piece of an ancient temple, getting a leg infection, and more. Not only do we get a good taste for the history of this island and pilgrimage, but Paul's stories are some truly hall of fame material. We do the triple crown of states, learn about the crap strap, and are blessed with a fan poop story. Minus33 discount code (listen to episode to get the code): 15% off your first purchase at Gossamer Gear discount code: Use code: POOPSTORY for 15% off your purchase at True Thru-Hiker Shirt & Mug Interview with Paul Barach * Author of Fighting Monks and Burning Mountains: Misadventures on a Buddhist Pilgrimage * Instagram: @barachoutdoors 00:04:28 - QOTD: How are you prepping for winter? 00:07:15 - If you’re hiking next year, apply to vlog, blog, or be an ambassador! 00:07:41 - Paul Barach intro 00:09:30 - How did you get into backpacking originally? 00:09:55 - What kind of ninjas were you obsessed with, specifically? 00:12:36 - After realizing your job sucked, how long did it take to get on trail? 00:13:47 - How did not prepping affect your pilgrimage? 00:15:04 - Can you tell us what the Shikoku pilgrimage entails? 00:16:49 - Can you tell us more about the history of the trail? 00:18:42 - Is there a guidebook for the trail (including the spiritual side)? 00:20:28 - How much traffic is there on this pilgrimage? 00:21:21 - Were you drawn by the religious aspect of the pilgrimage? 00:23:10 - Do you not need a backpack? 00:23:45 - Did you feel more spiritually enlightened from the experience? 00:24:40 - When did you start? 00:24:45 - What is the hiking season in Japan? 00:25:18 - What kind of temperatures were you dealing with? 00:26:00 - Did you have any issues with your sodium balance? 00:26:51 - What is the camping situation like? 00:28:21 - Are people in towns excited to see pilgrims? 00:29:38 - Did you learn Japanese while on the hike? 00:31:05 - How did you handle the logistics? 00:34:06 - Were you doing something wrong? Why couldn’t you find food? 00:34:52 - Do you hitch to town or walk through them? 00:35:21 - How is dried squid? 00:36:06 - How did you get charged by a boar? 00:38:00 - Were you second-guessing what you were doing? 00:43:20 - What is the story of you falling at an ancient temple and breaking a piece of it? 00:46:47 - What was wrong with your leg? How did you know it was infected? 00:49:16 - Can you tell us about the karate fight with a priest? 00:52:34 - What does kumite mean? 00:56:00 - How do you know what martial arts you’ll want to do? 00:57:30 - What’s the worst injury you’ve sustained from martial arts? 00:58:22 - Is kyokushin represented in the UFC at all? 01:00:15 - Do you break boards? 01:04:10 - Is there anything else about the pilgrimage you want to talk about? 01:09:38 - Can you make an adaptation of the oaths for U.S. thru-hiking? SEGMENTS Trek Propaganda * The Uncomfortable Truth about Thru-Hiking and Weight Loss by Katie Kommer * Five Things I Learned Thru-Hiking as a Solo Female by Kaylin * Mountain Lions and Thru-Hiking: Your Questions Answered by Kelly Floro Triple Crown of States Point / Counterpoint: Beer vs. Liquor Patent Pending: Strap & Crap Mail Bag 5 Star Review Comment ______ to win a sticker (there are bonus points)! [divider] Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes (and please leave us a review)! Find us on Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play. Support us on Patreon to get bonus content. A super big thank you to our Chuck Norris Award winner(s) from Patreon: Jason Lawrence, Austen McDaniel, Andrew, Christopher Marshburn, S11N, and Sawyer Products A big thank you to our Cinnamon Connection Champions from Patreon: Cynthia Voth, Brandon Spilker, Emily Brown, Jeffrey Miller, Mitchell, Zoe Jenkins, Dcnerdlet, Jeff LaFranier, Mark Snook, Peter Ellenberg, Thomas Fullmer, Jacob Northrup, Peter Leven Follow The Trek, Chaunce, Badger, and Trail Correspondents on Instagram. Follow The Trek and Chaunce on YouTube.
1 hr 40 min
Mighty Blue On The Appalachian Trail: The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis
Mighty Blue On The Appalachian Trail: The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis
Steve Adams
Episode #246 - Matthew Emerson (Prada G)
We have a story today of a young man who walked away from a life of extreme poverty to find himself (literally) on the Appalachian Trail. Matthew Emerson's story is now a book, and his visceral experiences set the scene for his journey and a new life at the end. Matthew's insights gleaned from his hike resonated with me, and we share a frank discussion for this Thanksgiving Day. You can find Matthew's book on Amazon. Click the picture of the cover and you'll be taken there. Another hiker-turned-author, Ben Crawford, shares why, despite exposing his family to YouTube scrutiny, there is more to tell. Like Matthew's book, you can find Ben's on Amazon by clicking on the book cover. Remember, you can get your own signed copy of Ben's book by answering the question I asked in the podcast. Send your answer to I also mention the magnificent, personalized map of my 2019 hike. You can see my video below and more of Larry Knight's work at Finally, continuing both the book and map theme, Larry Luxenburg's Walking the Appalachian Trail talks of another giant map. Once again, find Larry's book at Amazon. (Sorry about the small pic!!) If you like what we're doing on the Hiking Radio Network, and want to see our shows continue, please consider supporting us with either a one-off or monthly donation. You'll find the donate button on each Hiking Radio Network page at Any support is gratefully received.
1 hr 9 min
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