How to Optimize Your Cycle on an IUD, Birth Control Pill or Depo Shot
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If you’re ready to start optimizing your cycle, one of the key points in doing so is knowing where you’re at within your hormonal cycle. 


And if you’re on an IUD, taking a Birth Control Pill or getting the Depoprovera Shot… well… that can get a little more difficult to do. 


Fear not! 


This episode we dive into the ways that different forms of contraception can affect your hormonal cascades. We’ll touch on which forms of contraception stop ovulation (and which have no (or little) effect on ovulation. We’ll touch on how to figure out where you’re at in your cycle, what to look for and how to harness the effects of those contraceptive devices. 


But be warned - this is a general overview episode, and the research isn’t the best. Why? Because the majority of research done examining women’s hormonal fluctuations throughout their cycle while utilizing a form of contraception is done on young, healthy women with a regular cycle before they chose to use a form of contraception. So there’s a big caveat on this cycle for all the women using contraception to regulate their cycle. 


But - in fun news - I’ve told you all where the idea of the Birth Control Pill came from… and you’ll be surprised to learn that it had a little something to do with… rabbits. 






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