The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten
443: We’re All Dreaming Our Own Realities
Aug 27, 2019
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Today on The Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about how we’re all dreaming of our own realities.

Sometimes, we tend to dwell too much on past experiences that we don’t enjoy the moment that we live in. This can make us unproductive and lead to so many of the issues and uncertainties we encounter in life.

In today’s episode of the show, Hiten’s theory about how every experience we have is all a dream, how holding on to memories of that past can diminish our future experiences, why you should figure out where your primary focus is in your thinking and much more.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:00 About today’s topic

00:38 Why this topic was chosen.

02:51 Hiten’s theory about how every experience we have is all a dream.

03:47 One way to test this theory.

06:03 How holding on to memories of that past can diminish our future experiences.

07:49 A killer quote by Erich Maria Remarque.

08:30 When Hiten typically brings up this concept.

10:45 3 ways people tend to look at the world.

11:52 Why you should figure out where your primary focus is in your thinking.

3 Key Points:

It was all a dream.As human beings, we hold on to so much of the pastEach individual has their own perspective.


Steli Efti: Hey everybody, this is Steli Efti.


Hiten Shah: And this is Hiten Shah.


Steli Efti: And today on The Startup Chat we're going to talk about a thing Hiten told me, an idea that he planted in my mind that months later I still think about. I will just give you guys the quote and then Hiten will unpack the conversation and we'll dig deeper. "It was all a dream."


Hiten Shah: Yeah. So yeah. There are so many people that I've explained this to privately and I don't think I really shared much publicly, maybe randomly somewhere on some podcasts, but this is our podcast and it's something I told you and if you're still thinking about it, I know other people are, too. And it really kind of makes you wonder about a lot of things when you think about it like this. So I said this in reference to something I've been thinking about a lot, and what I've been thinking about a lot is the fact that as human beings we hold on to so much of the past and we hold on to things typically that are related to ourselves and also that are related to other people. And one of the points I want to make about life is that whatever your perspective is today, now or was, or even the fact that you and I right now, Steli, are having two very different experiences, even though we're in the same moment, in the same conversation recording a podcast. Now, let's just expand that. There are thousands of people that are going to hear this. Think about all the perspective that they're going to have when they read this and how many different perspectives there are. Each individual has their own perspective. Even if we see and hear and talk about the same thing, we didn't really have the same experience. It was our own individualistic experience to have. And so when I think about those kinds of things, and a lot of the theories people have out there that make it very complicated, like we live in illusion or quantum theory proves there's multiple dimensions or aliens, right? And all these things and whatever you want to believe. I have no judgment, zero judgment. I probably know more of these theories than most people who are listening because I just am curious. And so my summary is, it was all a dream. Whatever you're hanging on to, whatever happened. Even if it was literally 30 seconds ago, whatever I just said, it was all a dream. It was just all a dream. And what's a dream? It's something you don't even believe was real. It wasn't real. You woke up from it, you're like, "Wait, what just happened? It was so intense. I did this and I did that and wait, I was sleeping and I was dreaming.

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