The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten
256: Hiten Shah’s Inside Sales Tips for Startups
Nov 7, 2017
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The Inside Sales Summit is a virtual summit where about 50 sales leaders talk about the best practices, tips, and strategies that have put them on the road to success. To get access to the Summit, simply go to and submit your email. Hiten Shah gives listeners a sneak peak into topics that will be discussed at the Summit including: how to perfect your sales funnel, outbound sales for SaaS companies, and how adding value needs to be your number one priority for success in sales.
Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:18 – Today’s episode is an exclusive interview with Hiten regarding The Inside Sales Summit
00:28 – There will be a virtual summit, Inside Sales Summit, where around 50 sales leaders will share their tips for success
00:49 – Learn more about the summit here:
01:08 – There will be NO upselling, just GREAT sales content!
01:34 – EXCLUSIVE offer for The Startup Chat listeners: EARLY access to Hiten’s interview
03:00 – Curating and perfecting the sales funnel is one thing Hiten has perfected for his products
03:17 – He starts his process with the very reason why people didn’t continue a purchase
03:51 – “There’s something in the middle”
04:55 – Ask what convinced the person to buy rather than asking why he bought
05:33 – Try to understand how people use your product within their workflow
06:12 – “If you don’t understand why people are buying and what ways they actually use your product in their daily lives, you’re not actually understanding what’s going on”
06:27 – How products fit into people’s lives is what companies miss all the time
07:11 – One big shift Hiten noticed in regards to SaaS companies starting from enterprise sales
08:04 – “Outbound sales has become something early-stage companies do more and more”
10:07 – There are so many tools available to help you in outbound sales
10:39 – Hiten recommends founders to do prospecting and sales first
11:53 – Salespeople miss big components like the idea of measurement, metrics, and iteration based on feedback
12:46 – Small things like listening to calls and giving feedback to reps have huge impact
14:27 – Salespeople tend to be the best
14:49 – In Hiten’s opinion, the founder is the first sales rep of his or her products
15:13 – A salesperson should be excited about the opportunity to help the company understand the language they use with its customers
15:23 – A healthy relationship is when the sales department gives you input early on
15:55 – The first salesperson needs to be the one who really cares about the product
16:35 – Through his own deals, Hiten has learned how an organization works and how they buy products and services
18:19 – A must-do practice when trying to sell to a big company is to take as much time as you can to understand their actual problems
19:02 – “Find your ‘champion’ even if they don’t have a budget”
19:50 – Selling to other teams is one of the biggest things you can do in enterprise sales
20:51 – Hiten realized that when you’re communicating, you’re selling something
21:23 – “Every time you communicate, there’s something you’re trying to get someone else to think“
21:56 – “If I’m not adding value, no one’s going to listen to me”
22:20 – The best email is when you find something wrong with what that person is doing and you tell them
22:44 – Adding value can be as simple as saying “thank you”
23:58 – Personalization is KEY for adding value
24:07 – As a founder, your job is to add value
24:44 – Be genuine about wanting to help people
25:53 – Connect with Hiten on
26:20 – Go to, put in your email and get instant access to the interviews

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