The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten
243: Losing Your Child at the Playground Is a Bad Idea
Sep 22, 2017
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In today’s episode, Steli recounts last week’s experience of losing his 3 year old son for a brief amount of time. While at a playground with his two sons, Steli lost sight of his younger son. Steli shares how he carried himself in that incredibly stressful situation and how he found himself going into problem solving mode. You’ll hear the value of being able to compartmentalize your emotions and why enlisting the help of other people can have both positive and negative implications in your dilemma. Tune-in to discover some key insights that will help you better manage the crises that come along your way.
 Time Stamped Show Notes:

 00:03 – In today’s Startup Chat, Steli talks about how he lost his kid at a playground last week

 00:36 – In the past, Hiten and Steli have talked about some personal topics such as religion in startups and the death of their parents

 01:20 – Steli shares his frightening experience

 01:20 – Steli has two boys aged 5 and 3; he took his kid…
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