The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten
218: Investor Meetings Do’s and Don’ts
Jun 27, 2017
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Ever wonder what you should or should not say during a meeting with a potential investor? Have you ever had an unpleasant meeting and wonder what went wrong? This is completely normal. And in today’s episode, Steli and Hiten will share what investors are expecting from you and how you can best prepare for those expectations. They provide valuable insights from both the investor side and founder’s side and discuss why both parties need to discern whether or not they’re a fit.
 Time Stamped Show Notes:

 00:05 – Today’s episode is about investor meeting dos and don’ts
 00:40 – There are guidelines and best practices to follow when talking to investors
 01:13 – Hiten says the first rule is: do not lie to investors
 02:14 – Do not go into a meeting unless you have a plan of action regarding your problems
 02:37 – Steli says to be yourself and do not impress investors by trying to be someone else
 03:30 – You or your business is not going to be the right fit for every…
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