Good horse training is boring...
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Episode 62: This week's podcast continues explaining the levels of training that horses go through. I describe the middle part of horse training as boring… Picture a bell curve. The beginning of the curve is the beginning of the horse's training. I call it elementary school and quite a few exciting things happen there; haltering, saddling, bridling & riding. Then we get to the middle of the bell curve. Where the changes are subtle and the hours are long. The long, repetitive middle. Like Wednesday, everyday…if you don’t see the details. I explain elementary school, high school and college using Presto, Willow, and Gabby as illustrations.  I explain what is really going on there in the middle and how it leads to the beautiful things we want at the end. 

Horse Training in Harmony
Horse Training in Harmony
Karen Rohlf
EP024: Goals & Confidence with Dr. Jenny Susser
In this episode I speak with Dr Jenny Susser. Dr jenny is a sports psychologist and we talk about goals, failure, and confidence (among other things). She offers really great insights and gives many practical things you can implement right away. After listening to this podcast I think you will be excited to set some big hairy goals for yourself and will feel freer to actually go for them! Grab a pen and paper because you will want to take some notes from this one! About the Guest: Dr. Jenny Susser has a doctoral degree in Clinical Health Psychology, specializing in Sport & Performance Psychology, Dr. Jenny is a New York State licensed psychologist, a Certified Mental Performance Consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, and a member of the USOC Olympic Registry, the highest distinction a Sport Psychologist can obtain in the United States. A former high performing athlete, Dr. Jenny was a four-year All-American swimmer and then assistant coach at UCLA, Pac-10 Champion, swam on two national teams, and competed at the 1988 Olympic Trials. Dr. Jenny has worked with Division I collegiate teams from UCLA, USC, and Hofstra University, individual high school athletes of all levels, and athletes of all sports and ages, professional, international, Olympic, and amateur. Dr. Jenny was the 2012 USET Olympic Team Sport Psychologist for the United States Olympic Dressage Team in London. Dr. Jenny took applies the tools of high performance to the pressures of the business and corporate world as a keynote speaker and corporate trainer. About the Host: Karen Rohlf, author and creator of Dressage Naturally, is an internationally recognized clinician who is changing the equestrian educational paradigm. She teaches students of all disciplines and levels from around the world in her clinics and the Dressage Naturally virtual programs. Karen is well known for training horses with a priority on partnership, a student-empowering approach to teaching, and a positive and balanced point of view. She believes in getting to the heart of our mental, emotional, and physical partnership with our horses by bringing together the best of the worlds of dressage and partnership-based training.  Karen’s passion for teaching extends beyond horse training. Her For The Love Of The Horse: Transform Your Business Seminar and Mastermind/Mentorship programs are a result of her commitment to helping heart-centered equine professionals thrive so that horses may have a happier life in this industry. Resource Links Information on Dr Jenny Susser: ( To connect with Dr Jenny on Facebook: ( Join the conversation in our Dressage Naturally Facebook Group: ( For hundreds of training videos at a very low cost, check out the Video Classroom: ( See all of Karen Rohlf’s Online Programs here: ( Sign up for 3 free videos and Karen’s mailing list: ( Thanks for listening! Thanks so much for listening to our podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and think that others could benefit from listening, please share it! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast! Leave us an iTunes review - Did you love it? Let us know!
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